Credit Where Credit Is Due

15 January 2024

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A message from music-makers to employees at the major music companies  

As a new year gets underway, we have been reading with interest the upbeat new year messages written by the bosses of some of the major music companies, and the …read the full article

25 August 2023

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An Open Letter To Apple Music

Dear Apple Music,   It’s time you gave full credit where credit is due.    Since 2014, the Music Producer’s Guild (MPG) has campaigned hard to obtain accurate credits for everyone …read the full article

The Economics of Music Streaming – The Metadata Code & Remuneration working group announced

As part of the Council of Music Makers (CMM) the MPG welcomes the announcement of the metadata code and the confirmation that a remuneration working group will look into music-maker …read the full article

November Newsletter 2: We have more news for you…

MPG Awards Voting Voting for the MPG Awards shortlists opens on  Monday 23rd November. Only Full Members and two nominated engineers per studio membership are eligible to vote. You must …read the full article

17 July 2019


CWCID Update – Video now live

Proper credits information on commercial releases are vital to building and maintaining the reputation of recording professionals. Without credits how would anyone know about the vital work of the team …read the full article