The list below includes all events organised by the Music Producers Guild, and also those organised by other UK industry organisations. Of the MPG events, many are free to all, but some are free only to Full or Associate Members, due to the organisational and administrative costs involved.

Events organised by other industry organisations are often free, but those which charge an entry fee are generally available to Full or Associate Members at a discount rate.


  • 21 June 2022 4:00 PM The Phoenix Arts Club 1 Phoenix Street London WC2H 8BU

    The International Association for Artists & Rightsholders (IAFAR)

    This year IAFAR hosting the world’s first ever conference dedicated to Neighbouring Rights. Welcoming producers, musicians, managers, lawyers, accountants and rights holders alike. Our two-day event takes place simultaneously in the UK, US and online through a unique live stream experience….