Compliance with General Data Protection Regulations

The Music Producers Guild holds information provided by all MPG members upon registration as members.

Full and Associate Members can inspect this data by logging in at the MPG website ( and selecting MY PROFILE from the MY ACCOUNT menu.

Additionally, the MPG holds subscription data for Full and Associate Members, which can be inspected by selecting MEMBERSHIP DETAILS from the MY ACCOUNT menu, and then clicking on the  button labelled VIEW MY INVOICES.

The data held on Basic Members comprises:

First name, Last name, Job title, Gender, Company, Email address, Username

This data can be inspected by emailing the MPG at

If any MPG member would like any of the stored data removed, please email the MPG at for advice.


Procedure for disclosure of member’s data:

Full & Associate Members can inspect their data via the MPG website, as described above.
Basic Members can contact the MPG via email and the data will be sent to them.

Procedure for deletion of members’ data:

All members are advised to contact the MPG via email ( to request that data is deleted.

Procedure for dealing with data breaches:

MPG admin staff will email all members informing them when any data breach has occurred, when it was discovered, and the steps taken, or about to be taken, to resolve the problem.