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Please note: Some benefits might not be available to members who are resident outside of the UK.



    VOID & VISTA are offering a 20% discount on their first instrument STRANDS to all MPG Full and Associate Members
    A cinematically sound designed collection of bowed and electronic instrumentation

    A virtual instrument for Native Instruments free Kontakt Player
    Available in VST, VST3, AU & AAX plugin formats
    Compatible with all major DAWs

  • Jaxsta

    Jaxsta is the world’s largest Official Music Credits database, with over 300M credits, 80M pages of deep-linked recording and creator data.

    Jaxsta’s data is licensed, verified and not crowd sourced.

    Become a Creator Member on Jaxsta, set up your Profile and One Sheet in advance; Jaxsta is offering a 50% discount (normally USD$49) to all MPG Full and Associate Members

  • The Qube

    The Music Producers Guild has teamed up with The Qube studios to offer all MPG  Full Members 15% off your first 12 months Qube membership. 

    The Qube is a multi-faceted creative sanctuary, consisting of top-tier recording, podcast and photography studios. Operating on a membership basis, the space welcomes a broad community of talented music creators, photographers and podcasters to facilitate growth at whatever point in your creative journey. 

  • Hit Send

    HitSend is what the pros use to send mixes and masters, collect revisions, and get paid, faster.

    MPG Full Members receive 30% off their first year of HitSend

  • VEVA Collect

    MPG Full Members now receive 20% discount off ANY premium tier on VEVA Collect

    File sharing, credits, and metadata platform specifically for music creators. VEVA Collect is the premier file sharing platform for audio professionals worldwide. For every stage of production: from songwriting to mastering, ensure all of your credits are accurate, keep your audio and files safe, and collaborate in new ways. The best way to manage files, credits, and metadata is to Collect While You CreateTM.

  • Sound Particles

    We are incredibly happy to be working with the MPG and can offer all MPG Full Members a 30% discount on all Sound Particles products

    Sound Particles makes audio software that helps producers, engineers, musicians and sound designers to create breathtaking sounds and dynamically control their place in a mix, from stereo to immersive you’ll create sounds and mixes you have never heard before.

  • Shout4

    SHOUT4 software offers a deal making and contracting platform for independent musicians, producers, managers and labels looking to protect their work.
    Deals on the platform are legally robust (drafted by Clintons) and are specifically shared revenue deals.

  • Antelope Audio

    Antelope Audio manufacture premium audio interfaces, digital clocks, plug-ins and modelling mics. MPG Full Members receive 20% discount on the entire range of hardware products and 30% discount for all software. Associate members are eligible for 20% discount on software only.

  • Sound Credit

    Collect credits as you work and publish them to the world, using the new standard for music credits.
    MPG Full Members receive a 100% discount on their subscription to the platform.

  • Looptrotter

    Looptrotter specialise in analogue saturation processors for adding warmth and musicality to digital recordings.
    Exclusive 20% discount on all Looptrotter products for MPG Full Members.

  • Crane Song

    Crane Song are one of the most pioneering and highly regarded manufacturers of hybrid digital/analogue products for recording professionals. Exclusive 20% discount on all Crane Song products for MPG Full Members.

  • Synchro Arts

    Synchro Arts develop software for making audio production easier. Their legendary VocALign and Revoice Pro software have been used to align and tune audio on countless hits. MPG Full Members receive 30% off all products.

    This discount cannot be combined with any other discount.

  • Lauten Microphones

    MPG Full Members: Why not try a Lauten Signature mic?

    If you decide you like it and would like to add one (or more) to your mic collection, we are offering 25% discount to MPG Full Members.

  • Acustica Audio

    Acustica Audio creates plug-in emulations of modern and vintage hardware and new hybrids impossible in the analogue domain. Acustica’s development approach is based on dynamic sampling and a proprietary non-linear Vectorial Volterra Kernels convolution tech. Acustica are happy to provide MPG Full Members with 30% discount and MPG Associate Members with 10% discount for their plug-in products.

  • MPG ‘Refer A Friend’ Scheme

    Here’s a way to help reduce your MPG Full Membership subscription costs.

    For every friend you refer who qualifies and signs up for MPG Full Membership, you will receive £20 discount off your next MPG Full Membership renewal fee and the new member will receive a discount of £20 off their first annual subscription.

  • Sound On Sound

    Sound On Sound is recognised internationally as the bible of the music recording industry.’ MPG Full & Associate Members can get 12 issues of the Print + Digital subscription or 12 issues of the Digital only subscription for 25% off

  • Flare Audio

    Discount for MPG Full Members:

    30% off all ear protectors
    *As long as the ear protectors aren’t already on offer – our website doesn’t allow us to have multiple discounts on products.
    20% off all earphones
    We now have the Jet range starting at £49 (through to £89) and the PRO rage starting at £149 (through to £399).
    *And again, as long as the earphones aren’t already on offer.

  • RME

    RME – Synthax Audio (UK) are proud to offer 20% discount to MPG Full Members on the entire range of RME audio interfaces. Members can also take advantage of our loan service and arrange in-studio demos.

  • zplane

    ​​zplane combine their backgrounds in sound engineering, classical musical education, making rock’n’roll with scientific approaches to open up new ways of producing and processing music on computers.

    MPG Full Members can obtain a 20% discount on these plug-ins:

    Elastique Pitch V2, élastiqueAAX
    ppmBatch, PPMulatorXL
    reTune, vielklang2

  • Music Week

    Music Week has held its spot as the leading trade media brand for the UK industry for over 50 years.
    Full Members of the MPG can enjoy a 10% discount off print, digital or premium subscriptions to Music Week.

  • Prism Sound

    Prism Sound is proud to offer 20% discount to MPG Full Members on Prism Sound interfaces.

  • Read Audio

    Read Audio create fully custom-moulded earplugs and in-ear monitors in just 48 hours. All backed by service guarantees and innovative designs like no other manufacturer. MPG Full Members get 20% off Read Audio products.

  • Aston Microphones

    Aston Microphones, the UK’s mic brand, invite MPG Full Members to join our Aston 33 Developer Panel and enjoy preferential pricing.  PLUS – a free loan of the mic everyone is talking about, the Aston Stealth!

  • AIR Music Tech

    MPG Full Members may obtain a 50% discount on AIR’s premier seven instrument ‘Air Instrument Expansion Pack‘, 60% discount on the Creative FX Collection Plus, 50% discount on the ‘Xpand2!’ plugin and $30 off ‘The Riser’, ‘DB-33’ and ‘Mini Grand’ plugins.

  • Sound Radix plug-ins

    Sound Radix develop innovative software tools to help you achieve the best sound possible, and get the job done fast! MPG Full Members receive 30% off the entire product line.

  • Peluso microphones

    Peluso is an American manufacturer of microphones inspired by classic designs and designed to bring the best of vintage sound to life at a fair price. MPG Full Members receive a 20% discount.

  • Musicguard

    Providing music insurance since 1997, Musicguard Insurance are pleased to offer MPG Full Members 10% discount on insurance cover, whether your equipment is lost, stolen or accidently damaged. Specifically designed for producers & engineers in the UK.

  • AMS Neve

    AMS Neve is delighted to offer MPG Full Members the benefit of exclusive pricing on Neve Genesys, Genesys Black and the entire Neve Outboard range. For legendary recording, it has to be Neve – No Question.

  • Spitfire Audio

    ‘Purveyors of the finest virtual instruments sounds and samples in the world’ are proud to offer a 20% discount program to all MPG Full Members.

  • Sonivox software

    MPG Full Members get 50% off Sonivox’s flagship package for Film and Game Production “Film Score Companion” (taking the price down to $149.99). Full Members are also eligible to receive two Sonivox Singles instruments for free, as well as saving 20% on any other Sonivox Title.

  • Focusrite

    Focusrite offer an exclusive discount for all MPG Full Members of 25% off the entire Focusrite and Novation range of interfaces and synthesizers.

  • Headliner

    Free Subscription to Headliner for ALL MPG Full & Associate Members.

    Headliner is a new music lifestyle publication that connects and supports the creative community of artists, music professionals, students, and enthusiasts, using the talent to tap into the technology.

  • Sonoris

    Sonoris develops high-end audio software for the serious recording and mastering professional. Sonoris offer 25% discount to all MPG Full Members.

  • Music Insurance Brokers

    Music Insurance Brokers offer exclusive insurance discounts and cover for MPG Full Members. Bespoke studio packages, freelance and artist/band cover all available.

  • Source Distribution

    Source Distribution is now offering an exclusive personal demo and loan service for any MPG Full Member from thier killer portfolio, which includes API, Genelec, Lynx, Eventide, Rode, Arturia, Moog and PreSonus.

  • Audient

    Audient are proud to offer MPG Full Members discounted preferential pricing on their high quality microphone preamplifiers.

  • Phaedrus

    Phædrus Audio is a boutique manufacturer of tube and discrete solid-state equipment inspired from British designs of the 1960’s.

    Phædrus Audio are delighted to offer 10% discount to MPG Full Members.

  • ACS

    ACS Custom – the music industry standard in custom hearing protection, is proud to offer MPG Full Members an exclusive 20% discount on soft silicone, custom hearing protection and In-Ear Monitors. This together with a heavy discount on the ACS Pacato universal fit, high fidelity earplugs.

  • AVID

    AVID offers preferential pricing to Full MPG Members on most Avid products, click through for more details.

  • Sonnox

    Sonnox is dedicated to designing high quality audio processing plug-ins, which are used by professionals all over the world for a wide range of audio applications, from music to broadcast and post production.

    In association with the MPGSonnox is pleased to offer Full Members a 30% discount off Oxford plug-ins or bundles.

  • PSP – Professional Sound Projects

    PSP – Professional Sound Projects, develops high quality audio effect and processor plug-ins.

    The MPG have linked up with PSP and procured a 20% discount off all PSP plug-ins for Full Members.

  • The Association of Independent Music

    AIM is the trade association that looks after independent labels in the UK, from the largest independent labels, to self releasing artists and start-up companies.

    The Music Producers Guild is now an affiliate member of AIM, meaning any Full Members of the MPG can join AIM with a 25% reduction off the AIM joining fee.

  • McDSP

    McDSP offers MPG Full Members 30% off all McDSP bundles (electronic delivery via only).


  • Penny Ganz & Co.

    Penny Ganz, a UK music business lawyer of more than twenty five years experience, offers MPG Full Members a free 45 minute legal consultation.


  • Tysers Music & Event Insurance Specialists

    Tysers, the leading music industry insurance broker, have negotiated special terms on behalf of MPG Full Members. They can arrange customised insurance packages to incorporate all your requirements including but not limited to Technical Equipment, Employers/Public Liability and Travel.

  • Unity Audio

    Unity Audio has been involved with the successful distribution of several monitor brands since 1995 and the time has now come for them to produce their own brand of professional active monitors – The Rock.

    We are delighted that Unity Audio offer 25% discount to MPG Full Members on these high quality, professional monitors, for their first year of production only.

  • Audio Technica

    Audio-Technica is delighted to offer all Full Members of the MPG a 20% discount on their entire range of microphones, headphones, wireless systems and accessories.

    An additional discount is available to Full Members that agree to and meet the criteria of the Audio-Technica endorsement programme.

  • Groove3

    Groove3 offer training videos specifically targeted to the pro-audio community via online access. The videos cover many subjects including Pro Tools, Logic, BFD, Melodyne, Reason, Ableton Live, mixing, mastering, and more.

    Full Members of the MPG can now access all Groove3 training videos FREE (Usual price $150).

  • The Unsigned Guide

    The must have toolkit for emerging bands, artists, music managers and the entry-level UK music industry.

    MPG Full Members can get a 20% discount.

  • SongLink International

    Full & Associate Members of the MPG are entitled to FREE LISTINGS, and discounts on subscriptions to Songlink, Cuesheet and the Producer & Engineer Directory


  • Record of the Day

    MPG Full Members qualify for a reduced price subscription of £30 for the first four months. You’ll soon wonder how you started the day without it.

  • Music Tank

    Music Tank – MPG Full Members benefit from the trade body discounts on all MusicTank events and other offerings.



  • IK Multimedia

    IK Multimedia is a developer of audio software products. They are pleased to offer MPG Full Members 30% discount off their range of software products, via the online webstore. Special MPG Full Member deals are also available for their hardware products (StompIO, Total Workstation Muse Rack system,  Stealthplug, ARC Room Correction System).

  • All Studios

    AllStudios offers an experienced and personalised studio referral/finding service to MPG Full Members alongside a regularly up-dated, on-line search engine and Directory for Recording, Mastering and Rehearsal Studios. We help artists, producers, engineers, labels and management find studios with the particular spec they need (eg. Mixing desk, price range, location, size and equipment etc).

  • HW Fisher

    The team at HW Fisher are dedicated to ensuring the financial security and prosperity of MPG Full Members, and in helping clients minimise their tax liability. Free tax advice.