Meet the Directors




Director reports


Activity Report – September 2021 – Cameron Craig

Organised Metropolis Atmos event

Spoke with Veva Collect about MPG Benefactor deal

Meet with Sara Mitchell PPL

Attended the Ivor’s

Attended the PPL Performer Board

Help member challenge Grammy’s rules around Global

Setup Sound Particles as Benefactor

Activity Report – September 2021 – Katie Tavini

Away – Nothing to report

Activity Report – September 2021 – Olga FitzRoy

Met with PPL to discuss 10 point plan progress

Attended Labour conference including UK Music event – caught up with various MP’s.

Some banking admin

attended Ivors

Activity Report September 2021- Rhiannon Mair

Nothing to report

Activity Report Setpember 2021 – Matt Taylor

Nothing to report

Activity Report August 2021- Olga FitzRoy
Draft press release for studio anniversary
Attended DCMS studios report launch
Gathered assets for studios video
Call with Simon Gogerly on Sonic Data watermarking system
Chaired call with studios, MU & other stakeholders on studio guidance post-August 16th
Amended guidance for post 16th August use
Attended call with Ivors on producer panels
a few tweaks on websiteActivity Report August 2021 – Katie Tavini

Ongoing social media stuff
Approached potential benefits companies

Activity Report August 2021 – Cameron Craig
Attended DDEX Studio WG Call Discussed the implementation of RIN 2.0
Spoke with Fab Dupont to see if his new platform could be a MPG Benefactor
Setup Kazbar as an MPG Benefactor
Spoke with UK Music about the Measuring Music report
Spoke with Hedd Audio for possible MPG Benefactor
Spoke with Maureen Droney (Producers/Engineers Wing) re Atmos issue, Credits, DDEX
Introduced Sonic Data to DDEX Secretariat

Activity Report August 2021 – Matt Taylor

Nothing to report

Activity Report August 2021 – Rhiannon Mair

Nothing to report


Activity Report July – Olga FitzRoy
Wrote to members re diversity taskforce reps and set up MPG Diversity forum
Introductory call with new taskforce reps
Attended extended UK Music board meeting with Secretary Of State for Culture, Oliver Dowden MP
Call with DCMS on reopening
Call with Studios, AIRRS, MU and musician contractors on reopening
Rewrote professional music production guidance for post-July 19th reopening
Call with UK Music on harassment & bullying next steps
Call with Andy @ UK Music re Measuring Music research

Activity Report July – Katie Tavini
Ongoing social media
Wrote letter of recommendation to an MPG member

Activity Report July – Cameron Craig
Meet with MPG members to discuss concerns around Apples Spatial Audio, brought concerns to the Recording Academy whose members were having similar concerns. This is an ongoing discussion between the MPG. Recording Academy, Apple (US) & Dolby.
Meet with Dolby at their Atmos mixing room.
Meet with  Metropolis to help with landlord issues and a tour of their Atmos room.
Along with MPG Full Member, Abe Brooks started organising Dolby Atmos events with Miloco, Dean Street, Metropolis, Dolby and Avid.
Attended UK Music Board
Attended PPL Performer Board Meeting
Spoke with Spitfire about extending their Benefactor involvement.
Spoke with ICMP to organised MPG/ICMP events involving MPG membership
Spoke with Sound Particles about becoming MPG Benefactor
Finalised Shout4 Benefit

Activity Report June – Olga FitzRoy
Attended panel event by 11FM Law firm discussing workplace sexual harassment to help inform how to deal with this in the music industry
Attended UK Music call to discuss sexual harassment in music industry
Organised panellists for XpoNorth panel
Set up virtual trade stand at XpoNorth
Edited Know Your Worth Press release and MPG Awards Press release
Chaired call with orchestral studios, ABO, MU and contractors to discuss end of social distancing
Call with DCMS officials re new guidance / end of social distancing
Stakeholder call with DCMS / DfE on talent pipeline etc
Call with Help Musicians re Mental Health First Aid Training
Catch-up with new UK Music public affairs team and discussion of priorities for MPG – self-employed rights v important
Continued engagement with DCMS and membership on quarantine exemptions for artists / engineers / producers

Activity Report June – Matt Taylor

Edited Know Your Worth Press release and MPG Awards Press release
Chaired #KnowYourWorth panel at XPO North
Casework with members and their appeals for covid support
Compiled data from KNowYourWorth Survey

Activity Report June – Cameron Craig

Worked on Mission Statement & MPG Business plan with the other directors
Attended Studios June Reopening meeting
Had lunch with Tom Grey, Kevin Brennan MP, Alex Davies-Jones MP Olga FitzRoy & Michael Dugher
Spoke with Oli from UK Music about student membership and MAP partners. Introduced him to VevaCollect and Shout4 for them to organise events for MAP members.
Spoke with ICMP about scholarship moving forward and discussed other initiatives
Attended POWER UP Participant Session
Spoke with Des (Soga) PRS Foundation Power up Participant.
Attended IAFAR AGM 2021
Ongoing consultation with Shout4
Spoke with Pete from Miloco
Spoke with Alys from the Church
Attended Tileyard Connected: Creation and Innovation
Spoke with Liam from VevaCollect to organise an MPG Event and talk about VevaCollects Credits Are Cool campaign
Cameron (MPG) PhD research interview on Streaming for Power Up Participant
Organised the Avid Carbon loan deal for MPG Members
Meet with MPG members to discuss issues with Apple Spatial Audio
Spoke with Maureen Droney about issues with Apple Spatial Audio and informed the Advisory Committee. Ongoing discussion.

Activity Report June – Katie Tavini
Ongoing social media
MPG FB group

Activity Report May – Olga FitzRoy
Catch-up meeting with AIR & Abbey Road
Attended UK Music Board Meeting
Organised additional meeting for studio members & UK Music to feed into fiscal incentives scheme
Worked with MT to edit & test #KnowYourWorth survey
Provided quote for Susan Rogers press release
Attended meeting with Ivors Academy & PRS foundation about safe spaces in music
Interview with MU Magazine
Revised latest edition of Music Production guidance
Continued to liaise with DCMS officials over reopening guidance
Call with member re Grammy’s nomination rules
Emailed Scottish Govt Officials re Carlton Studios

MPG Activity Report May – Katie Tavini
Insta stories daily
Additional socials work
Set up & launched MPG FB group
Advised member on Apple Digital Providers
Created Linktree account for socials
Updated MPG website

MPG Activity Report May – Matt Talyor 
Casework for members. Working on appeals on Council decision to reject funding applications for COVID support (restart grants, et al)
Creation and launch of #KnowYourWorth survey


MPG Activity Report May – Cameron Craig

Attended the UK Music Chair 12 Month Review
Attended Lunch Tom Watson (UK Music Chair), Jamie Njoku-Goodwin (UK Music CEO) Kevin Brennan MP, Graham Davies (Ivors Academy)  & Michael Dugher (ex-UK Music CEO)
Attended PPL Performer Board Meeting
Attended UK Music studios meeting on tax reliefs


MPG Activity Report April 21 – Katie Tavini
re-wrote some website text
Updated website
Sharing members work on Instagram daily
Attended awareness days meeting chaired by Olga


MPG Activity Report April 21 – Matt Talyor 
Sharing members work on Twitter weekly
Created the judging playlists for MPG Awards
Successfully appealed discretionary grant for MPG Member.


MPG Activity Report April 21 – Olga FitzRoy

Attended Diversity Taskforce and worked on UK Music response to government’s Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities report
Attended meeting with Scottish Government in relation to business rates relief for studio member in Scotland & also Covid studio guidance in Scotland
Chaired meeting about awareness days and speaker fees with other trade orgs
Attended and admin’d MPG Awards virtual judging event
Provided handout  for CIC / Local Government event on the importance of supporting studios


MPG Activity Report April 21 – Cameron Craig

UK Music Policy and Public Affairs Committee meeting on Private Copy levy, following a request from visual arts CMO DACS for UK Music to support a campaign to secure from the government a private copying levy it was decided we couldn’t support it.
Meet with Hannah re Website revamp.
Attended UK Music/Saffery Champness/Nordicity Fiscal Incentives Roundtable
UK Music Director Meeting for Chair 12 Month Review
Meet with Susan Rogers to discuss MPG Outstanding contribution award, thanks to Maureen Droney for the introduction.
Attended the 3-day DDEX 37th Plenary for an overview of the year gone and thoughts on the year ahead.
Meet Carlotta from Creative passport to discuss holding MPG/Creative passport event
Spoke with IAFAR board to discuss my availability as IAFAR board member.Attended meeting with UK Music, MPG & Scottish government in relation to business rates relief for studio member in Scotland.
Spoke with Apple Music about “Behind the Boards” access for MPG Members
Meet Shout4 for an update to the platform
Attended UK Music Governance Review Meeting
Attended MPG Judging Day and arranged playback of tracks unavailable on commercial services.
Organised a partnering event with VevaSound around credits.


MPG Activity Report April – Rhiannon Mair

Successfully moved the Guilds bank account from NatWest to Starling.
Sorted ongoing admin issues with awards account.
Spoke further with Mika Sellers about the MPGs writer-producer group. We have interest from several writer-producers wanting to start a discussion. Date pending.

MPG Activity Report March 21 – Olga FitzRoy – 

Met with MPG Studio member Carlton Studios to discuss how we can further support them in seeking financial support from Glasgow City Council

Signposted studios to the different asymptomatic workplace testing schemes that are now available where people cannot work from home.

Arranged for board to hear presentation from UK Music Diversity Taskforce chairs

Continued to work on diverse judging panel for awards

Attended UK Music Campaigns meeting to share info on upcoming MPG campaigns & hear about UK Music and other members campaigns. Improvements  to self-employed rights will be key ask for MPG in next parliamentary session.


MPG Activity Report March 21 – Cameron Craig

Attended UK Music Board Meeting

Meet with Jaxsta about setting up a MPG/Jaxsta service to fast track credit corrections for MPG members.

DDEX Working group meeting to final details of the structure of the RIN standard

Dealt with Awards issues

Meet with Shout4 to create a new contract benefit for MPG members.

Attended the PPL performer board

MPG/Carlton Studios meeting and help with Olga

Organised Music Insurance Brokers Low-cost home package MPG benefit

Attended UK Music Diversity Taskforce Presentation


MPG Activity Report March 21 – Katie Tavini

All MPG full members & studio members have been followed on Instagram

Daily sharing member releases and posts


MPG Activity Report February 21- Olga FitzRoy

Attended calls with AIRRS, Sound Diplomacy and DCMS officials re DCMS commissioned studios survey and gave detailed feedback on the survey.

Continued to push for clearer guidance for LA discretionary funds to include studios in eligibility criteria. Worked with UK Music and DCMS officials to get a statement from the culture minister on this.… 55281.q0

MPG Awards Worked on new judging notes for 2021

Attended meeting with KT, CC & MT to finalise diverse judging list Press / PR

Catch up call with Dan Gumble of Audio Media Interview with What HiFi magazine about MPG role in Covid


MPG Activity Report February 21- Cameron Craig

Met with Sound Diplomacy and AIRRS to discuss their DCMS commissioned survey on the mapping of UK Studios. Although we and AIRRS are not completely happy with the way they are conducting the work we have come to the conclusion that the work is very much needed and we will support it as best we can.

Attended brainstorming session on setting up Music Export Office chaired by PRS Foundation. This is ongoing and will form a recommendation to the government on what such an office’s purpose will be.

DDEX Metadata Workflow Discussion:
Helped set up and attended a meeting of UK (MPG members) and US producers to discuss workflow issues when logging credits, this was used to inform the DDEX Studio working group of a change in direction around the RIN standard.
Attended the DDEX Studio WG to discuss the above.

Introduced Veva Sound to UK Music with the plan for them to do a series of education seminars on the importance of credits and metadata with UK Musics MAP network.

Meet with ICMP and The FaNaTiX who will now become the MPG/ICMP scholarship ambassadors to further the scholarship and take it to areas where the MPG has struggled.

Attended the meeting with the other UK Music directors to discuss the reworking of the UK Music Mission Statement.

Supplied Brits Producer Judging list, we were able to meet the diversity requirement 50/50 m/f & 18% non-white.

Meet with NoteTracks software developers to bring on as MPG Benefactors.
Meet with Gebre from SoundCredit/Soundways for an update on their ideas for the capture of credits.

Attended a UK Music group to formulate an IPO sponsored research project around the education of metadata collection and usage. Identify the shortage and shortfalls of skills around data in the music business.