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Director reports


MPG Activity Report February Olga FitzRoy

Attended calls with AIRRS, Sound Diplomacy and DCMS officials re DCMS commissioned studios survey and gave detailed feedback on the survey.

Continued to push for clearer guidance for LA discretionary funds to include studios in eligibility criteria. Worked with UK Music and DCMS officials to get a statement from the culture minister on this.… 55281.q0

MPG Awards Worked on new judging notes for 2021

Attended meeting with KT, CC & MT to finalise diverse judging list Press / PR

Catch up call with Dan Gumble of Audio Media Interview with What HiFi magazine about MPG role in Covid

MPG Activity Report February Cameron Craig

Met with Sound Diplomacy and AIRRS to discuss their DCMS commissioned survey on the mapping of UK Studios. Although we and AIRRS are not completely happy with the way they are conducting the work we have come to the conclusion that the work is very much needed and we will support it as best we can.

Attended brainstorming session on setting up Music Export Office chaired by PRS Foundation. This is ongoing and will form a recommendation to the government on what such an office’s purpose will be.

DDEX Metadata Workflow Discussion:
Helped set up and attended a meeting of UK (MPG members) and US producers to discuss workflow issues when logging credits, this was used to inform the DDEX Studio working group of a change in direction around the RIN standard.
Attended the DDEX Studio WG to discuss the above.

Introduced Veva Sound to UK Music with the plan for them to do a series of education seminars on the importance of credits and metadata with UK Musics MAP network.

Meet with ICMP and The FaNaTiX who will now become the MPG/ICMP scholarship ambassadors to further the scholarship and take it to areas where the MPG has struggled.

Attended the meeting with the other UK Music directors to discuss the reworking of the UK Music Mission Statement.

Supplied Brits Producer Judging list, we were able to meet the diversity requirement 50/50 m/f & 18% non-white.

Meet with NoteTracks software developers to bring on as MPG Benefactors.
Meet with Gebre from SoundCredit/Soundways for an update on their ideas for the capture of credits.

Attended a UK Music group to formulate an IPO sponsored research project around the education of metadata collection and usage. Identify the shortage and shortfalls of skills around data in the music business.