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An Open Letter To Apple Music

Dear Apple Music,


It’s time you gave full credit where credit is due. 


Since 2014, the Music Producer’s Guild (MPG) has campaigned hard to obtain accurate credits for everyone involved in the recording process. From producers, recording engineers, mixers, mastering engineers, assistant engineers, runners, musicians, and countless other behind-the-scenes talents who pour their heart, soul, and expertise into making the records many hold so dear to their lives.
We have worked closely with partners within the wider music industry and were influential in shaping the DDEX RIN standard for reporting credits from the point of creation. However, for many fans, artists, and aspiring professionals, the depth of these contributions remains obscured due to a lack of easily accessible production credits.
We sincerely appreciate the work you have done so far to celebrate those who work on the records everyone loves with your features like The Producers and The Engineers playlist series. And now, in the forthcoming iOS17 update, incorporating a basic level of production credits on your platform. This is only the first step. 


Therefore, we ask that you aim to showcase all the credits involved in the recording process on your platform. Integrating detailed production and engineering credits into every track’s information on Apple Music.



By displaying production credits, Apple Music can ensure that the hidden heroes behind the soundtrack of our lives get the recognition and respect they deserve. This act will provide a fuller picture of the music-making process, elevate the status of those who work behind the scenes, and help develop the talent pipeline further.



Aspiring engineers, producers, musicians, and avid fans stand to gain invaluable insights by understanding who played what role in the creation of a recording. It will inspire, guide, and unveil the raft of roles available in the music industry. Not just highlight the high-profile ones but also the entry-level roles.


Enhanced User Experience

For many, knowing the people behind their favourite tracks can deepen their connection to the music that makes the soundtrack to their lives. Discovering that the same producer or mixer has worked on multiple beloved songs will lead to new artists and album discoveries as fans start to follow the careers of the people working on the records.


Setting the standard

Apple has always been at the forefront of innovation. By embracing this change, Apple Music will set the standard for what it means to showcase those who work behind the scenes. Therefore encouraging other platforms to follow suit, ultimately benefiting the entire music ecosystem.


Music is a collaborative art. While singers and artists usually stand at the forefront, a vast network of talented individuals is working hard behind the scenes. Producers, engineers, assistant engineers, runners, studios, songwriters, musicians, and many others contribute significantly to the soundtracks of our lives. These professionals remain in the background, their contributions not yet prominently acknowledged. We are in an era of transparency and knowledge sharing; therefore, acknowledgement is more crucial than ever.

We hope you take this suggestion on board and give full credit where credit is due.


Yours truly,
The Music Producer’s Guild.

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