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The Economics of Music Streaming – The Metadata Code & Remuneration working group announced

As part of the Council of Music Makers (CMM) the MPG welcomes the announcement of the metadata code and the confirmation that a remuneration working group will look into music-maker remuneration from streaming.

The metadata code is a crucial first step to ensure that the entire UK music industry comes together to set new standards and processes on how vital song, composition and recording data is collated, ingested and distributed – ensuring that songwriters, composers, artists, musicians and producers are paid with greater accuracy and efficiency.

It follows yesterday’s confirmation from the government, accepting recommendations made by the Culture Media & Sport select committee, that an industry remuneration working group is to be established, bringing together representatives and experts from across the music sector to “explore and develop industry-led actions that support fair remuneration for existing and future music creators as part of a successful and globally competitive music industry”.

Read the full statements here:

CMM’s statement from today on the IPO’s announcement of the metadata code and the remuneration working group

CMM’s statement from yesterday on the select committee letter confirming the remuneration working group

Outline of the current status of the economics of streaming work as of summer 2023

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