About MPG

Membership Information

There are three levels of membership of the MPG.

Full Membership (£120 per year) – this is open to recording industry professionals (see the eligibility conditions below) and provides a substantial number of membership benefits.

Associate Membership – (£55 per year)is available to anyone, without restriction, at whatever level of recording activity. We welcome those who are starting out on a career in recording music.

Basic Membership – (FREE) is available to anyone. It provides access to the website and email notifications, but none of the other benefits afforded to Full and Associate Members.



MPG Benefits

Yearly subscription fee £120 £55 free
Access to Members Only sections of the website YES YES YES
Receive news about events, benefits, MPG developments via email YES YES YES
Professional benefits, e.g legal advice, accountancy, equipment rental, membership of other organisations YES no no
Substantial discounts on pro-audio hardware and software YES some no

Substantial discounts on subscriptions to these magazine:

Music Week, Resolution, Headliner, Music Tech

Substantial discounts for entry to events presented by other industry organisations including AIM, FAC, MMF, Music Tank, BASCA. YES YES no
Free 45 minute consultation with MPG lawyer, Penny Ganz of Ganz Legal YES no no
Free entry to MPG events (excluding the MPG Awards)
Please note that some MPG events are restricted to Full Members
YES 50%
Special rates for tickets for the MPG Awards YES no no
Voting privileges for the MPG Awards YES no no
Invitations to industry product development and pre-launch demos YES no no
Searchable entry in the Members Directory YES with paid
Access the the extensive Featured Studios library YES YES no
The MPG’s social media channels: access the many followers of the MPG Twitter account (currently 10,000+) and the extensive MPG Facebook network. YES YES  no

Associate Members can also choose to purchase this add-on option:

  • Searchable entry in the Members Directory (for £25 per year).

Discounts for longer term membership:

Members can opt for extended membership periods of 2 or 3 years, and receive an appropriate subscription discount:

  • Full Membership: 2 years £215, 3 years £305 (savings of £25 and £55, respectively)
  • Associate Membership: 2 years £99, 3 years £140 (savings of £11 and £25, respectively)

Eligibility conditions for Full Membership of the MPG:

To qualify for Full Member status, you must have a credit for production, engineering, mixing, re-mixing or mastering on 6 commercially released tracks. This can either be 6 single tracks, 6 tracks on one album or EP, or 6 tracks across multiple albums or EPs. All recognized formats are acceptable, CD, vinyl, digital download, DVD and even cassette! These tracks must have been commercially available via traditional outlets, i.e. digital download from recognized online music retail sites, record shops, mail order. (Please note – non-recognized commercial sales directly by the artist at live venues do not qualify, similarly neither do downloads from personal sites such as Soundcloud and MySpace).

Alternatively, if you work in film or television and have six credits for production, engineering, or mixing music, which has been commercially released in film or broadcast on television, you are also eligible for full membership.

After completing the registration form, you will be asked to validate your credits. You can do this by supplying links to any of these websites:


Supplying an ISRC or additional links to the commercial availability of the tracks is much appreciated.

Alternatively you may send scans of bar-coded album artwork displaying your credits, or signed agreements. Please email them to membership@mpg.org.uk (and please indicate this on the submission form if that’s what you will be doing).