** Category – UK Original Score Recording

For qualifying productions available for purchase as a physical product, streamed as a commercial product or as a download as defined below (“Definitions of Eligibility”).

A maximum of 3 trophies will be presented to the team, and they usually go to the producer, engineer and mixer. Other eligible team members may purchase additional trophies.

For an album or release that contains a minimum of 51% Original Compositions featured in a complete or edited form in a cinematic, broadcast or streamed release and not previously released in any other format. A maximum of three trophies will be presented for Producer, Recording Engineer and Mixer, at least 50% of whom must be either UK passport holders or be able to satisfy the Statutory Residency Test. If there is no credited Producer, the Producers Award can be presented to the Composer. To avoid doubt, a score release may contain individual songs, but at least 51% of the running time must be an original score. For this purpose, ‘score’ may be any music used to accompany a picture that is not a standalone, vocal-led song, although it may contain vocals. Soundtracks of filmed live performances are not eligible.