blog category created 17 October 2017 written by Mick Glossop

“*** Vera Lynn: ‘Vera Lynn 100′”

“James and Juliette produced Vera Lynn’s new album, 100, which went gold and reached No.3 in the album charts. Isolating her voice from her original mono recordings, they then created new orchestral arrangements to accompany her, alongside duets with artists such as Alfie Boe, Aled Jones, Cynthia Erivo, the Ayoub Sisters, the RAF Squadronaires and Alexander Armstrong. The use of such techniques has been done before on later (stereo) recordings but the challenge of creating new tracks using original mono recordings, some of which were of variable audio quality, was considerable. Besides the process of isolating the vocals, they then had to carefully create orchestral arrangements that hid the audio artefacts left behind by this process – sounds left behind by the original backing track, which could include anything from a wurlitzer organ to a large group of (singing) soldiers!”

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