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The album is a stunning mix of genres, that blend together without being jarring, to form a cohesive body of work that plays like a mixtape for the ultimate road trip.

Music tracks

Engineered by Cameron Craig (Tracks 1-21), Matthew Puffett (Tracks 7,9,10,15,24), Jack Leonard (Tracks 2,3,15), Toby Butler (Tracks 6,16,24), Dhani Harrison (Tracks 19,20), Steven Weston (Track 2), Dorian Lutz (Track 3), Justin Smith (Track 7), Keaton Henson (Track 11), Justin Stanley (Track 13), Chris Goss (Track 14), Gary Stonadge (Track 15), The Big Pink (Track 17)

Produced by James Lavelle (Co-Produed by Jack Leonard (Tracks 1-9,11-22), Dorian Lutz (Tracks 3,10), Matthew Puffett (Track 13)

Mixed by Cameron Craig (Tracks 1,2,4-6,8-22) and Bruno Ellingham (Tracks 3,7)

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