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The Frisbys: ‘My Wicked Mind’


Andy always works tirelessly to ensure that we as a band can reach our potential when recording new material. The skill, speed and control that Andy displays shows a complete mastery of his domain and it is impressive to witness. He is a genuine gentleman who fully supports those he works with and creates a fantastic working environment that puts you at ease allowing for the best results and creativity. Simply put Andy is one of the most professional, skillful and hardworking people I have ever met and he is incredibly dedicated to making and helping others to make the best music possible, and for that he has our sincerest gratitude. Wonderful Man!

I’ve not been wrong before

Music tracks

Produced by Andy Brook (Tracks 1,2,4,5), James Curtis-Thomas (Track 3), Engineered by Andy Brook (Tracks 1,4,5), Bill Sherrington (Track 2), James Curtis-Thomas (Track 3), Mixed by Andy Brook (Tracks 1,2,4,5), James Curtis-Thomas (Track 3)

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