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Steph Marziano


Steph has worked with some incredible artists this year which is a testament to her talent, skill and dedication as a writer and producer. Her work on Hayley William’s album is incredibly special! As well as being super talented, Steph is such a joy to work with and is a complete inspiration.

‘Steph is an incredibly talented writer/producer, who is not only capable of brilliant production and sounds, but also has a unique ability to make artists feel comfortable and at home, inspiring creativity for the project at hand. Once artists work with her, they often feel the need to shout about how amazing the experience was. Having worked with Steph since her assisting years, I’ve experienced first hand how artists often request her again and again, claiming her creative influence to be integral to the project. Steph has flourished in confidence and ability in recent years, working with up and coming and established artists alike..’

Steph’s progress as a writer and producer has been brilliant to see- culminating in cuts and production for Hayley Williams, especially on Over Yet from this years Petals For Armour.

Because Steph is an amazing writer and producer.

Steph has built her career from an assistant engineer- to one of the most in demand writer/producers. This year she had a billboard rock charts number 1, top 5 uk album, and about 10 million streams.

Written by Steph Marziano, Hayley Williams and Joey Howard (Track 4 Disc 1, Track 3 Disc 2,), Produced by Taylor York, Additional Production by Steph Marziano and Daniel James (Track 4 Disc 1), Additional Production by Steph Marziano, Daniel James and Carlos de la Garza (Track 3 Disc 2)

Written and Produced by Steph Marziano and Denai Moore

Produced with William Lockett

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