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I have had the pleasure of working alongside Ramera at many London studios. Having only been part of the UK music industry since 2018, she’s been a resident engineer for Spotify, assistant engineer at Metropolis, and is now a freelance vocal producer & engineer with Platoon. Never have I witnessed an engineer engage so fluently with clientele, achieving the maximum from their performance, and recording to the high standards is second nature. This is thanks to her warm & vibrant personality, & attention to detail. The work she has produced this year is of outstanding quality, and her skills have been regularly requested by some of the biggest artists at the forefront of the industry. Clients love her and it shows. Ramera is not only a skilled producer-engineer, but an active, dedicated member of the music industry, working as a member of UK Music’s Diversity Taskforce, and has run several vocal prod masterclass courses for the Music Production For Women organisation throughout 2021.

Ramera is unfathomably dedicated to her craft. In the past year, she has made immense strides in her skills and career. Not only is Ramera an incredible engineer, she is also bursting at the seems with creativity. She has her own project in which she writes, records, and produces. Ramera deserves recognition for how quickly she’s been able to achieve her goals and advance her place in the music industry. In a few years time, I believe that Ramera will be the go-to vocal producer in London. We are watching the next big producer in the making in real-time.

Ramera is the most naturally gifted engineers that myself & many others I know have ever worked with. Whether it’s working with the likes of Little Mix, Stormzy & Elton John, to the upcoming independent artists such as myself, she has relaxed, comfortable & professional approach to her work. The fact that she works with so many artists at varying levels speaks volumes to her genuine love for music. As much as being a rising star herself, she’s provided access for smaller artists to write & record in the likes of Metropolis, Abbey Road & Platoon. In the past year alone, her portfolio has grown exponentially since becoming one of the lead engineers at platoon after taking her career into her own hands and pushing for the recognition she both deserves & has earned. In such a male dominated industry, as a Filipino woman she has had to work harder than many others to get to where she is & on top of that, you won’t find a single person who didn’t enjoy and get inspired by working with her.

I had the pleasure of working with Ramera at Metropolis Studios last year. She assisted on an EP I was producing for JP Cooper. Ramera was a consummate professional during the whole process – from our initial conversations in prep for the sessions, to the actual days in the studio. As is so common in our jobs, the goal post kept moving and last minute changes meant quick adaptions. Ramera dealt with it all with total calmness and was an essential part of the project going smoothly, changing set ups between takes, trouble shooting and more or less being the only person to check up on me and see if I was ok. This might seem like a small thing, but in this crazy industry, that human touch means a lot! Ramera has everything it takes to be a world class engineer. More than just her outstanding technical abilities, she has the right temperament to deal with the ever changing challenges of the studio environment. I could not recommend her highly enough for the ‘Rising Star’ Award.

A little self-nomination here! In 2021, I progressed into a freelance engineer and vocal production role, mainly working with distribution label, Platoon. This came after being an engineer for Spotify and an assistant eng. at Metropolis. As a result, IΓ•ve been able to step into the bigger responsibilities that come with being in charge of recording sessions for higher profile artists. I’m particularly proud of my engineering work with pop artists Matt Taylor & Aaron Smith. I love being part of making a record, & find that the social aspects of the job are just as important as the technical ones! In a fast-paced industry where personal connection is sometimes rare, I believe being able to create these connections sets me apart. I’ve also been more active in the industry this year, being recently included in SheSaid.So’s Alternative Power 100 List, teaching a few masterclasses with MPW and ICMP, and part of the UK Music Diversity Taskforce.

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