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Not only is LNA an amazing musician and producer, she also works tirelessly to make real change in the industry by teaching and encouraging more females to enter the world of production. An amazing artist and producer, and an amazing role model for young women. LNA’s song, ’22’, epitomises this. She took samples from 22 female producers and musicians, and created a song from it, with all proceeds going to Yorkshire Sound Women Network. This is why I believe LNA deserves this award.She is a hardworking and talented producer, who works constantly toward equality in the audio industry. This song is brilliant as it’s made out of samples form 22 different female producers/musicians. The song shows brilliant skill in music production, composition and sample manipulation. It represents young women, who are in music, their power, independently and creativity in music. I also love how she made a whole video about this song and dedicated it to women in audio. This song should definitely get thousands of more listens, she needs the recognition!

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WINNER ANNOUNCEMENT! 🎼🎼🎼 We're delighted to reveal that the MPG Awards 2021 Original UK Score Recording of the Year goes to... @Hanpeel, Michael Keeney and Kris Stronge (@kandsltd) for 'The Deceived (Original Television Soundtrack)'. Huge congratulations!

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