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James Plester


James Plester (Producer name: MIRLYN) has brought every track I’ve written to life in the production stage. He has an unrivaled ability to transform the visions for my songs into sonic soundscapes and works with me closely at every stage to ensure my work in going in the direction I want it to. His influence over my released music has contributed hugely to the success of the songs themselves and I’m incredibly grateful to be working with a talent like his. James also mentors dozens of upcoming engineers and producers both in the studio and for FOH and has always instilled an enthusiasm in his students over the years – some of which have gone on to work across major UK Festivals and as FOH engineers for superstars such as Shawn Mendes. I believe his talent doesn’t get the recognition he deserves and after having worked with him for over ten years now he’s empowered me as an artist every step of the way. That’s why I’m nominating him today.

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