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Gethin Pearson


Gethin Pearson didn’t take a traditional career path to becoming a hit producer. He started out as a musician, getting his first taste of music industry success when a song he co-wrote with Funeral For A Friend ended up a Gold record. This led to him producing demos for local artists from a converted coalshed and a management deal for his own artist project. For several years, based in Wales and far from the industry ‘hub’, he juggled a part-time primary school teaching job with production and writing, including an album with The Enemy, working on a Top 20 record with Mallory Knox and producing / mixing the critically acclaimed second album from Jaws. With his production career gaining momentum, he took what was supposed to be a sabbatical Ð and never went back to teaching. Since then he has worked with artists including Kele Okereke, Badly Drawn Boy, Crystal Fighters, Orla Gartland, To Kill A King, Alma ft French Montana and Charli XCX.

Hardest working producer I’ve come across. Brings loads of energy and life to every session I’ve seen him involved in.

Gethin Pearson deserves the MPG Award for Breakthrough Producer as he has made huge strides in his production career this year, including recognition from PRS Foundation who awarded him the prestigious Hitmaker Fund earlier this year. He produced the majority of Badly Drawn Boy’s critically acclaimed comeback album Banana Skin Shoes including co-writing the title track and mixed the whole album. He also produced & mixed KELE (Bloc Party)’s album 2042. But mostly he deserves it for his inspirational attitude faced with the challenges of 2020. Undeterred by lockdown, Gethin embraced the opportunities of remote working to offer remote production, mixing and writing for artists worldwide including free or discounted rates for those who had lost income due to covid. His remote work includes co-producing whenyoung’s single The Prayer entirely in lockdown (raising funds for Women’s Aid), co-writing with Apple Music & Gay Times Elevate artist Walt Disco & add prod for new artist MILA.

Music tracks

Produced tracks 1-5, 7-9, 11-14, additonal production on tracks 6 and 10, vocal production on tracks 3, 6, 10, 13

Produced with whenyoung

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