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In listening to the two recordings above – Juha’s .’Lucifer In Love.’ single and the Restarts’ ‘Uprising’ album – the enormity of Andy Brook’s mixing abilities and creativity is in evidence by the way he takes on two vastly different genres. With Juha’s .’Lucifer In Love,.’ he takes this Frankie Goes To Hollywood-esque, retro 80s dance track and has a field day with vocals, bringing about playful demonics that the title suggests through artistic delays – yet never overwelming the song or vocal in the process; with the Restarts’ ‘Sickness of the Mind,’ he takes the hardcore punk noise of the band and manages to bring a sharp precision to it – somehow enhancing rather than diminishing the .’punk points.’ in the process (- where punk often prides itself on lo-fi charm, Andy brings together the best of both worlds – music that sounds rough and dirty, but with crystal clarity). To be able to move effortlessly from blistering punk rock to pop candy heaven is the sign of a true master mixer, whic

attention to detail has given rise to amazing results

Andy always works tirelessly to ensure that we as a band can reach our potential when recording new material. The skill, speed and control that Andy displays shows a complete mastery of his domain and it is impressive to witness. He is a genuine gentleman who fully supports those he works with and creates a fantastic working environment that puts you at ease allowing for the best results and creativity. Simply put Andy is one of the most professional, skillful and hardworking people I have ever met and he is incredibly dedicated to making and helping others to make the best music possible, and for that he has our sincerest gratitude. Wonderful Man!

Noises be good

It’s been a very unusual year but I’ve been blessed to be able to make some wonderful records with some wonderful people

Andy is an incredible engineer. He has helped us to develop our sound and take these songs in a direction far beyond our expectations. Another Light is also being considered for a Grammy award in 5 categories. an incredible achievement for an unsigned DIY band.

‘Andy deserves an MPG award for excellence in the field and for highly focused master craftsmanship. He is a calm and productive engineer. His recording style is relaxed but thorough and his suggestions are always made in a supportive manner..’

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Mixed with Francis Rossi

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