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Amanda Merdzan


Amanda has been working as a freelance engineer and assistant engineer across many studios in London, including RAK Studios, Metropolis Studios, Urchin Studios and Strongroom. She began working as an assistant engineer in 2017, and it didn’t take long for her to work her way up to engineering on sessions for artists such as McFly, Dermot Kennedy and Christy. In such a short period of time Amanda has built up a solid reputation in the industry as a friendly, capable, and reliable studio engineer.

‘Amanda is a highly efficient recording engineer, who is requested and commended by clients time and again. After employing her on a freelance basis at both Strongroom and Metropolis Studios, I offered Amanda a full time role, a position not advertised frequently, nor flippantly, at Metropolis. Only to discover that Abbey Road were also seeking to employ her on a full time basis. I mention this nugget of information to emphasise the value others also see in Amanda, as the flourishing engineer that she is. If I had to put money on who would be the next *insert celebrated and sought after engineer here*, it would be Amanda..’

Music tracks

Engineered tracks 2,3,5

Engineered with Mark Hoppus, Danny Jones, James Ingram, Jason Perry and Adam Noble.

Engineered with Jason Perry, Jordan Cardy, Danny Jones, Tom Manning and Adam Noble

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