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I think this one is a bit tenuous as there are so many great studios around. Maybe a more suitable category would be most improved studio. Though I hope it will encourage others who started off in a similar position as me, that lots of things are achievable with a bit of hard work. I started the studio around eight years ago. I had very limited equipment (probably very similar to a lot of most bedroom producers have now). I had a Mackie desk a handful of mics and one decent preamp. I learnt to build gear which brought costs of first-class preamps from around £1000 per channel to around £300/400 per channel. I also taught myself how to build studios. I moved studios a couple of times and each time tried to build something more useful. The equipment list was built up over the years. Piece by piece (Never any large cash injections) so each piece is well thought out. Some other interesting features are a “Drumbrella” and adjustable ceiling drop.

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