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news category created 10 October 2014 written by Dan Cox

Spotify Get A Roasting At Public Meetings

It seems Spotify’s charm offensive backfired, you can read what happened at events in the USA here.

What most disturbed me on reading it is that Spotify’s CEO was one of the creators of BitTorrent, the place where people go (or went) to steal our work. They claim that BitTorrent is not an illegal site, however when quizzed they say that the founder of Spotify went to Spotify to create a legal site… hmmmm

Interesting piece, but to be fair Bittorent isn’t an illegal site, it’s a protocol. You can’t really blame Bittorent (or its creators) for the copyright infringement committed by others, that’d be like blaming Vint Cerf and Bob Kahn for developing TCP/IP, Verbatim for making blank CDs or the Fraunhofer Institute for developing the mp3 format.

Regarding “The Per-Stream Royalty Will Never Increase“, it’s right and appropriate that Spotify continue to be challenged to be (at least partly) accountable for the seemingly low income which artists, songwriters and record producers receive from music streams.

hang on, did i miss something…?
Why doesn’t anyone mention the amount the rights owners take? The labels take the lions share of royalties and pass it down. And don’t get me started on the fractions writers get..!
But….Whats the alternative?