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news category created 17 May 2016 written by Mick Glossop

Election of directors to the MPG Executive Board 2016/17

On May 24th, the current directors of the MPG Executive Board will step down, and an election will be held to determine those who will comprise the Executive board for 2015/16.

The current directors are Andrew Hunt, Mick Glossop, Dan Cox, Bruno Ellingham and Cameron Craig.

The following candidates for election have submitted their statements:

Andrew Hunt

I am proud to say that I have now been a Director of the MPG for seven years, serving as an Executive Director for the last four. As our industry continues to change, I find the MPG being more important and relevant than even before.

My involvement with the MPG runs beyond making decisions on a day-to-day basis. I oversee our membership and membership benefits. Both of which, I’m happy to say, still continue to grow year on year (membership has grown by 235% in the last 5 years).

I am also one of the five, MPG Awards Directors. The event is a beacon for our industry and this year, we expanded yet again moving in to the Grosvenor! I’m pleased to say it was another tremendous success.

Those of you who know me, know I am as passionate about what the MPG stands for and accomplishes, as I am about making records.

There is still so much to achieve! If I am re-elected to the Executive Board, I would like to continue my involvement in all aspects of the MPG. I will do my utmost to fight for our needs and pursue the growth and worth of our organisation into every area of our music industry.

Bruno Ellingham

I have worked in the Recording Industry for the last 21 years, starting as a tape op and then working my way up through the ranks to my current role as a freelance Producer, Mixer, Engineer.

I have been one of the Executive Directors of the MPG for the last year, during which time we have implemented a great deal of change and restructuring to the way the MPG works.

I feel we now have the opportunity to reach out and become the visible and dynamic organisation that we need to be to best benefit our membership in the coming years.

With our now strong association with UK Music and it’s affiliated groups, we are finally in a position to push through and campaign for the rights of all of us working in this creative industry.

Of particular interest to me is the need to reach out across all genres of music and adapt the MPG to the new ways in which records are made and the numerous new definitions of what a Producer is and does.

The MPG tries hard to be an inclusive organisation, now is the time for everyone to feel they can be included. We all deserve the credit for what we do, and we all deserve to be fairly paid for that work.

Only by working together can we achieve these goals.

I would like to stand for re-election to the Executive Board as I feel we are now in a strong position to deal with the many problems facing us and I’m excited to continue lending my time to help us become the voice we all urgently need.

Cameron Craig

The past year as Executive Director of the MPG has been a rewarding one.  As well as the general decision making of the MPG Executive board my main duty has been to also sit on the board of UK Music.

Successes for UK music over the last year have been the #letitbeeb campaign which was helped by the organising of some high profile MPG members, the campaign seems to have kept the government on track as the recent release of the BBC white paper shows and should secure the future of music at the BBC.   I was also able to organise the UK Music survey prizes to make this years “Measuring Music” report more accurate though greater participation, with the report being able to present the music business as a unified £4+billion industry to be taken seriously at government level.  I am able to give the MPG a voice in the discussion on safe harbour and other large issues witnessing how UK Music can directly influence parliament though these discussions with politicians.

I am passionate about seeing the industry return to a healthy state.  I feel I can convey a balanced producer point of view on behalf of our members in negotiations with the wider music industry.  I’m happy to give my time to see this become a reality.

On a final note as a recently appointed MPG Awards director I look forward to making the awards stronger than ever.

Dan Cox

Since joining the Executive Board 12 months ago I have helped to implement a variety of changes to the structure and the way the MPG operates. Having now got to know and understand the MPG from the inside, it is that clear to me that organisations such as ours are more important in today’s musical climate than ever.

As well as the day to administration and decision making responsibilities of my directorship I have held the position of the MPG’s Industry Liaison, acting as a point person to aid communication between ourselves and other music industry organisations, and on one occasion even representing the MPG live on Radio 4!

I am extremely passionate about the art of making records, and as an engineer, producer, musician and studio owner I feel I am well placed to have a broad view of the music production landscape. That said, there are many different ways that records are made these days and it is essential that MPG is able to reach out to all corners of music production regardless of music genre or an individual’s background, gender or ethnicity.

If re-elected to the board I will continue to pour my passion for music production into driving the MPG forward and growing the organisation for the benefit and support of both our current and future members.

Mick Glossop

I’ve been a record producer for over 35 years, a member of the MPG for over 25 years, and an Executive Director on the board for more than 10 of those years.

I’m firmly committed to the MPG as an organisation representing the interests of, and service to, producers, engineers and mixers, and that’s why I feel that’s it’s increasingly important for the MPG to maintain a serious voice in the UK music industry.

I’m committed to the initiative to campaign on behalf of members with respect to the issue of diminishing income, along with the other MPG campaigns; Credit where Credit Is Due, the ISRC/BWAV campaign, and the promotion of the best in recorded music sound quality.

My responsibilities over the past several years, as well as membership of the Executive Board, include the MPG Awards committee, creating and organising the MPG’s Q-Time event, its panellists and questions, and responsibility for the MPG website and IT. I also have an involvement in the various regional MPG activities in Scotland, the Midlands, and Bristol.

I am more than happy, if re-elected, to continue to devote whatever spare time I have to working further to promote and advance the important activities of the MPG.

Wes Maebe

What I could bring to the board is a varied skill set. I am an active engineer/producer and guitarist. I am on the P&E Wing Advisory board so would bring another strong Grammy link to the fold.

Thanks to my long standing involvement with the now defunct APRS ( I know that equates to swearing in MPG circles 🙂 and as a  regular reviewer and writer for magazines such as Mix Magazine U.S., Pro Sound News and Audio Media I have very strong links to the manufacturing fraternity.

With over 25 years of experience in exhibition including organising, building and manning exhibition stands on a global scale, I could bring useful skills to that side of the MPG. (My parents run a successful stand building and design company in the Benelux).

Aside from that I am very passionate about our industry and as a mastering engineer as well am very concerned about the meta-data side of things like ISRC and the whole credit where credit is due situation. As a long time educator I can also step in and provide help on the JAMES side of the MPG.

I know most of the guys so I’d be a “new” familiar face on the board.