11 June 2024

Beckview Studios Scalby - Scarborough North Yorkshire

Beckview Studios is an independent residential recording and music production studio based on the Yorkshire Coast in the seaside resort of Scarborough. Yes, we’re by the sea!
As one of the few residential studios in the region, we offer state-of-the-art recording facilities with the option of comfortable self-catering accommodation for up to 10 people under the same roof.

Primarily designed as a tracking studio, with a large live room and 2 isolation booths. We have direct lines of sight between all spaces and plenty of natural light. We’ve combined stunning studio aesthetics with excellent technology. The studio boasts an array of vintage & new microphones including a range of condenser, dynamic, ribbon and tube mics to suit your project, from manufacturers including Neumann, AKG, Shure, and more vintage makes such as Reslo.

In the recording spaces, we have a selection of instruments at your disposal. These include upright pianos, Hammond Organ with Leslie cab, Keyboards including a Nord piano 4, drum kits incl. cymbals, as well as several guitars, basses, amplifiers, and other instruments. *For an up-to-date list of equipment, please check our website.

We have tie lines running throughout the building including running to the kitchen/green room at the back of the studio.

Our control room centres around our vintage (1984) Sony MCI JH-600 analogue mixing console, with matching 24 track 2” tape machine. The console is fitted with a combination of MCI and API 312 style mic preamps alongside a carefully curated collection of outboard preamps, processors, and effects.

Our main monitors are a set of Genelec 1037b’s, and to complement these, we have the option of monitoring on Adam A7X’s, and Auratone 5C’s.

Our primary DAW is ProTools HDX, which enables us to capture 32 channels of analogue in and out of the DAW.

In addition, we have 16 digital IO, which allows us to create separate monitor mixes for each performer. We offer an array of third-party plugins and instruments, from manufacturers and brands including Universal Audio, Native Instruments, SoundToys, Waves and Nugen.

Chris Jones is the Beckview Studios Chief Engineer, Producer and Founder. He works extensively with bands and artists in his studio across a variety of genres including jazz, indie, rock, pop and country.

Our studio is set in the picturesque village of Scalby. A quintessential village with a unique blend of traditional facilities (pubs, village green, walks, shops, post office, historic church, etc) coupled with access to tennis courts, delightful cafes, beautiful walks and excellent public transport routes. Scarborough is a short distance away with its medieval castle, world renowned Stephen Joseph Theatre, Spa Theatre, railway station, shops and of course its magnificent North and South Bay beaches complete with colourful beach chalets.

Beckview Studios offers a variety of tracking, and production services to suit a variety of requirements.

Please contact us for more details and to obtain a quote.

To become an MPG Studio Member contact: studios@mpg.org.uk

To become an MPG Studio Member contact: studios@mpg.org.uk