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You’re a producer wanting to work with an artist who hasn’t quite got the funds to pay your full rate upfront. The artist is great and you believe in them, but you need to feel protected if you’re going to work with them. You need to create a RevShare deal with the artist to share across any/all of their revenue streams, to minimise risk in the respect of a reduction in upfront cost.

Until now, this has been costly, ineffective or ignored.  But not anymore.

SHOUT4 software is a RevShare contracting platform for independent musicians, producers, managers and labels looking to finance projects by sharing future income.

A user can create legally approved, binding agreements with third parties in minutes. This allows music producers to create their own contracts with independent artists and labels and agree on splits across all revenue streams as well as any fees and bespoke warranties.

The increasing demand for artists to retain their rights demands a new legal framework. SHOUT4 meets these demands with an intuitive contracting system anchored by robust legal agreements drafted in conjunction with leading industry lawyers.

Simply create an account on our cloud-based platform where you set up and manage all deals around an artist and their project(s). As you create the deals the project dashboard gives you an overview of key information about funding, revenue sharing and who is involved. Deals are sent directly from the platform and their status tracked through to signature which is also dealt with online.

The result of this means that all deals relating to a project are securely stored centrally for future reference or can be printed and stored offline.

SHOUT4 is NOT a lawyer and doesn’t replace the need for one. Deals on the platform are legally robust (drafted by Clintons) but are specifically shared revenue deals.

SHOUT4 is an inexpensive solution to formalising a ‘favour culture’ of inefficient deal-making with a baseline subscription of currently £11 per month.

SHOUT4 are on a mission to steer the industry towards rewarding the sharing of revenues, not rights.


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