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The MPG / Presonus Studio One Event – A Great Success!

Full Members of the MPG attended a meeting with prominent representatives of Presonus; Arnd Kaiser (Product development, Hamburg) and Lee Boylan (UK & Ireland sales representative) last week at The Genelec Experience in London’s West End.

The purpose of the meeting, rather than a simple product demonstration, was to exchange experiences, ideas, and suggestions for product development directly with representatives of the design team of Presonus.

All those attending had been previously provided with extended free licences for Studio One 3.5.5 in order to be able to evaluate and experiment with the software under ‘real studio session conditions’ prior to the meeting.

Everyone agreed that the meeting was extremely valuable in providing the opportunity to discuss the software in detail, suggest improvements and voice concerns about any limitations they found whilst using Studio One.

Arnd Kaiser, having flown in from Hamburg, was the ideal person to explain some of the more detailed features of, and future plans for, Studio One and all were impressed with the company’s determination to maintain their current standards of prompt and efficient response to end-user feedback.

All those who attended will be receiving full, unlimited free licences for Studio One software.

A few comments of feedback from Arnd and Lee:

Thanks to you for your help making this event happen. Great feedback from the group – and pretty much a 100% confirmation that we understand the shortcomings of Studio One in certain areas, which we will address in the coming updates. I also enjoyed the good 1:1 conversation after the main event. This is a really good group of people.
Thanks, Arnd

Thanks so much for arranging event. We had a great night and hope everyone got something out of it. Chat soon for maybe some follow up events.
Thanks, Lee

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