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The Music Producers Guild Supports #LoveMusic Campaign

This week is crunch time for Music and our livelihoods. 12th September will see a crucial vote on the EU Copyright Directive, which aims to update current legislation and address the balance between billion-pound content platforms, and the meagre profit passed on to the content creators.

Currently legal loopholes allow some tech companies to undermine the rights of music creators, leading to huge discrepancies between income from different platforms. Article 13 aims to:

• Create a level playing field for creators in the online marketplace
• Generate income for audio professionals

The MPG urges musicians and music supporters to fight for a fairer deal for everyone in the UK music industry by getting behind the #LoveMusic campaign, a campaign by all of the music industry bodies and unions to show creators’ support to our MEP’s.

Creators want nothing more than a reasonable partnership, the legislation proposed in the European Parliament would create a level playing field in the online market.

Here’s what you can do about it:

• Sign the petition at
• Spread The Word on Social Media
• Follow the MPG on Twitter (#ukMPG) and Facebook (@musicproducersguild)
• Learn more about what’s at stake at

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