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MPG Board of Directors Personal Statements: 2022

Online voting will be open for 1 week for MPG Full Members only from Thursday 15th September until 6pm on Thursday 22nd of September you will receive a separate email with a link to an online ballot.

The results will be announced at the AGM meeting and you will be able to welcome in the new board.

Please read all the personal statements below  and vote for the candidates who you feel will best represent the membership of the MPG.

Andy Brook

Hi. I’m Andy. I am incredibly passionate about making and recording music and over the past 20 years, I have been fortunate enough to produce, engineer and tour with the likes of Status Quo, Bonnie Tyler, Ginger Wildheart, Uriah Heep, Francis Rossi, Mel Gaynor, The Tiger Lillie’s and many more.

I spent a number of years teaching BTEC Diploma in Music Technology Levels 2, 3, 4 & 5 and am now a visiting assessor for JAMES. I am a registered member of APRS, MU and the MPG and of the Recording Academy.

As a musician, I am involved in a number of live projects including The Middlenight Men, Rich Ragany & The Digressions, Toccata Music Group (not for profit org) and in 2023 I’ll be taking to the road for a 100 date tour with Francis Rossi (Status Quo) on guitar and backing vocals.

As an MPG member for many years, I’d like to be in a position to help amplify the voices of engineers, mixers, producers and recording studios and also be able to give back to an organisation and a community that has continually helped provide me with opportunities in my career, that I would not have encountered on my own.

It would be an honour for me to help affect positive change, make a real difference in members’ lives and encourage equality and diversity. It would also mean being able to present the concerns of MPG members to government departments for consideration and debate.

I understand that the voluntary appointment to the MPG board is not an avenue for financial reward or personal gain but a strong opportunity to bolster current relationships between the MPG, and its members, with other societies in the music sector.

I would like to see more events held to help educate and support members regarding their career choices and practices and to increase awareness of the opportunities, advice and help the MPG and associated bodies can provide.

In spite of a healthy touring and recording schedule, I can happily honour the weekly board meetings, additional meetings in the run-up to the awards, meetings with other organisations and the in-person attendance at music industry events.

Max Blue Churchill

I am Max and I am a record and mix engineer. I am also a Co-director and Co-founder of the Trans+ Creative Collective (TCC) and have been London based for 8 years now. I have been working in music professionally since 2014.

The music industry hugely lacks trans+ and neurodiverse representation. In my experience this is not due to a lack of trans+ and neurodiverse people, but rather a lack of accessible opportunities and a direct and meaningful connection between the industry and minority groups.

I hope to continue working with industry colleagues and trade bodies in order to make necessary changes across the music industry to create a more accessible and inclusive environment for trans+ and neurodiverse people to work in.

Additionally, I’m passionate about widening the current scope of MPG members by actively inviting interns, runners and assistant engineers to be a part of industry changing conversations, allowing them to collaboratively discuss how studio culture could be improved. Having been a runner and assistant engineer for a huge part of my career thus far, I know they lack representation across the industry, including due credits on releases they have worked on, which is an industry wide issue I’m also keen to address where possible.

I am passionate about making real change happen. Since launching the TCC, I have seen what is possible when those wanting to see diversity championed across the industry come together. I hope that bringing this thinking to the board of directors at the MPG will inspire the wider industry to recognise the benefit of collaborating with those who may not usually get the opportunity.

Eve Horne

Hi, I am Eve Horne. I am an Award-Winning Creative Mentor and Advisor and have over 20 years’ experience in the Music Industry as a Singer, Songwriter and Producer. I am the founder of PeakMusicUK and the UNHEARD Campaign which demands equality for women in the Music Industry. I am a qualified Sound Engineer, Co-Founder of M@LO & The Magpie and a Native Instruments Certified Specialist. I was named a SheSaid.So ALT list 2020 Honorée, I am a board member for Moving The Needle, an MPG Diversity Taskforce Representative, executive team member for Why Not Her and an innovator on Keychange 2022 program. I launched my campaign to help change the statistics for women and gender minorities in music production and songwriting. I am hugely passionate about DEI and aim to help represent that and raise more awareness to get more women and gender minorities into production and to understand the different ways of working in Audio.

I feel people should vote for me because I have shown that I can show up and get things done. I am not afraid to put myself out there and speak up for what is right to make positive change. I am passionate and dedicated to making production an equal playing field and aim to increase training opportunities for mpg members, organise writing camps and improve collaboration.

Kind Regards,

Eve Horne

Catherine Marks

Hello fellow MPG Members,
Catherine Marks here; I am a London based Music Producer/ Mixer/Engineer/Writer with over seventeen years experience in the industry.
Originally from Melbourne, I have a Masters Degree in Architecture and am classically trained in Piano but have always harboured a fascination for the production and technical aspects of music. After moving to the UK I trained under Flood and Alan Moulder at Assault and Battery Studios and have subsequently gone on to Produce and Mix albums all over the world with several Top 10 Albums, an Australian No 1, a Grammy and two MPG Awards.
As a participant on numerous panels and podcasts in the UK, US and Australia I have the experience to promote and market many aspects of the industry enabling music production to reach a wider and more diverse audience.
In the role as an Executive Director of the MPG I would welcome the opportunity to represent the needs of fellow producers, mixers, writers and engineers and to listen and give a voice to their concerns in this rapidly changing industry.
I am particularly interested in the effects of Brexit on touring artists and how it is impacting our industry as a whole and believe that collectively the MPG can help to keep this message as a high profile issue.
I would welcome the opportunity to represent the MPG and thank you for your consideration.
Catherine Marks


Mika Sellens

I am a writer/producer, composer and engineer, based in Hackney at my studio, Studio 5B. I’ve worked in the UK music industry for over 20 years. I am standing to be on the MPG Board as I am passionate about making lasting positive change in this industry. There is still much inequality and there are still barriers to progression for many in the industry. The informal and freelance nature of much of our work has allowed casual and unfair business practices to develop. I’d like to see more transparency, and more ethical working practices that value the expertise of writers, producers and engineers, and that support the development of their careers by paying them properly for the work they do.
I am a Senator for the Ivors Academy and I hope to help facilitate the MPG and the Ivors Academy working together to support writer/producers and music creators who span both organisations. Recently I have initiated discussions between the organisations to launch a joint membership deal which is now in the pipeline.
I am passionate about supporting women and gender minorities in production and engineering careers, and I am an active member of the 2% Rising network. I am a mother to two boys, and an active member of the network, Mamas in Music, supporting mothers in the music industry. I am Chair of the Ivors LGBTQI+ Council and part of the steering group for the Music+ research into LGBTQI+ experience in the industry.
I am passionate about educating the next generation entering the industry and have been an Educator and Lecturer for many years. I am about to start a new role as Professor of Electronic and Produced Music at Guildhall.

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