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Mandy Parnell goes green

Mandy Parnell at Black SaloonAward-wining mastering engineer, Mandy Parnell, is using solar energy to power her London facility.

Black Saloon Studios in East London is flying the flag for environmental awareness by using solar power to fulfil all of its electricity needs.

MPG Award-winning mastering engineer Mandy Parnell, owner of internationally acclaimed facility, says:

“We are using solar panels to power the entire studio and part of the attached living space. This is quite an achievement, considering we operate on a 24/7 basis and run an assortment of amplifiers, electronic instruments, microphones and studio hardware. If we can do it, I don’t see why other music industry companies shouldn’t follow suit – everyone should be looking at ways to reduce their carbon footprint and for businesses like ours solar energy also makes economic sense.”

Parnell says the transition to greener energy was very smooth and the panels are now providing enough power to sell a surplus back to the National Grid. Based in Walthamstow village where Parnell has been a resident and business owner for 13 years, Black Saloon Studios hosts projects for a wide variety of artist including The XX, Feist, Sigur Ros, Bjork, The Knife, Frightened Rabbit, Brian Eno.

Current projects being mastered at Black saloon include Glass Animals, Jungle, Bjork and Philip Selway. Mandy Parnell’s presence in the Walthamstow Village has contributed to the ever-expanding creative and artistic community, by introducing a diverse range of artists to the area.

“We are becoming a greener borough and my neighbours have really embraced our solar panel initiative,” she says. “The artists love it, too. I think everyone should be doing it.”

Black Saloon solar panels

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