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Latest Guidance for working in Tier 4

Following the announcement regarding the new Tier 4, the MPG have issued new government-approved guidance available here.

The MPG would like to reassure members that work in covid-secure workplaces may continue. The legal basis for this is available here and may be useful to reassure clients:

In all tiers, anyone who cannot work from home should continue to travel to their workplace.  Work activity that cannot take place from home is permitted under the latest restrictions.   Therefore, recording studios can continue to operate under the latest regulations and guidance. Residential recording studios will also be able continue to operate under the regulations and guidance. 
Filming for music video production and audio recordings for professional music productions can also take place in indoor and outdoor locations including in the premises of  businesses that are closed to the general public under the regulations. This includes but is not limited to grassroots music venues, nightclubs, theatres, concert halls, and churches.  The reference to “audio programmes” in the Regulations refers to the making of radio programmes and other audio recordings intended for streaming, download or physical release.

To ensure your studio or facility is covid-secure please check you are following the latest guidance developed by the MPG and other industry trade-bodies in collaboration with DCMS, Public Health England and the Health and Safety Executive. General Tier 4 guidance is available here

It is worrying that the new strain of Covid that has been identified appears to be more transmissible than others, so we would recommend all those working in professional music production environmnents be extra vigilant and review their risk assessments in light of any increased incidence of Covid in their local community and the increased risk of transmission with this new strain.  

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