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Gus Dudgeon Foundation/JAMES Summer Course Success

GDF_JamesThe “very successful” Gus Dudgeon Foundation (GDF)/Joint Audio Media Education Support (JAMES) postgraduate summer course concluded in style on 19 July, with the nine students, under the tutelage of Romesh Dodangoda (pictured), producing a track for up-and-coming Welsh rock group Caesars Rome.

“It was an honour to be asked to lead this year’s Gus Dudgeon summer course, and it was a pleasure to share my experiences with the very talented students,” comments Dadangoda. “I was very impressed with the high standards of everyone in the class, and also their interest in learning as much as they could from each day of the course.

“I think that having them involved in the session, whether it was to run the Pro Tools system, being involved in edits or setting up equipment, gave a lot of them the confidence and knowledge to go out there into the real world with their skills. I think this is a great thing that the Gus Dudgeon course gets to offer them. All of the students most certainly have a bright future ahead of them!”

“It was also great to give the students an insight into my way of working with a band and how I deal with any issues along the way,” he continues. “I think teaching students troubleshooting and how to keep a session running is really important, and hopefully everyone took away some new ways of dealing with problems on sessions. The students learnt about some of the drum micing techniques I like to use, as well as various approaches of recording guitars.

“I would really like to thank all the sponsors for loaning us the excellent equipment that we used, and also a big thank you to Dan Turner at University of South Wales, Katia Isakoff and everyone else involved for making the course a very enjoyable time!”

A full list of sponsors and equipment used in the sessions is available here.

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