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December 2021 Covid Update

Yesterday, 8th December the Prime Minister announced that we will now be moving to ‘Plan B’ and introduced further restrictions to reduce the spread of COVID, and the Omnicron variant.

We are in touch with the DCMS and will be updating the guidance for music production as soon as possible, but the main things that will affect our sector are:

1) Working From Home.
From Monday all office workers must work from home if they can. We encourage members to use remote monitoring options such as Audiomovers / Sourceconnect wherever possible. If you need to travel to work and are concerned about getting questioned, we have our “permission to travel letter” available here.

2) Face Coverings
From Friday 10th December face-coverings will be required by law in most public indoor settings. While face-coverings are not legally required in studios, we recommend that studios encourage clients and staff to wear them indoors, except when performing or if people are exempt.

3) Vaccine Passports

These will be brought in for some large venues but will only apply to indoor gatherings of over 500 people, therefore they will not apply to Recording Studios, however may apply to some members working in the live sector. More info here.


We encourage all members to test regularly and book in for your boosters as soon as they are eligible.

We are trying to get clarity from DCMS on new guidance – please do get in touch if you have any specific questions. The latest government guidance is available here.


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