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Covid-19 Restrictions Ending

Covid-19 Restrictions Ending

Yesterday the prime minister announced the end of almost all Covid restrictions. This means that :

From 24 February:

  • People who test positive for Covid will no longer be legally required to self-isolate
  • But they will still be advised to stay at home and avoid contact with others until they have two consecutive lateral flow test taken not before days 5 and 6.

We would advise communicating that the guidance to self-isolate remains in place despite the legal requirement ending to all clients, staff and freelancers you may be working with.

From 24th March

Enhanced Covid-19 Sick Pay for employees and ESA for freelancers provisions will cease

From 1 April:

  • Covid tests will no longer be free for most people
  • employers will no longer have to consider Covid as a separate risk when working out how to keep employees safe.

We have raised our concerns about the ending of free covid-tests and enhanced sick pay with the government through UK Music.

We also recommend that the risk of Covid-19 transmission continues to be included in risk assessments, and that vulnerable workers are consulted on any changes to operating procedures as this time will be causing them anxiety.

We continue to recommend regular testing for studio staff and clients, both for people’s safety and to avoid outbreaks that could disrupt business. We are aware of a number of clients already providing private testing for everyone involved in their recording sessions, and we suggest that studios and producers request their clients cover this if at all possible, and that testing is provided in any cases if working with vulnerable people.

We would be very interested to hear how the new measures are affecting clinically vulnerable members, how receptive clients are to paying for testing, and whether you come across any issues going forward, particularly if you are a clinically vulnerable or extremely vulnerable person or working with someone who is.


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