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news category created 28 February 2015 written by Dan Cox

Which tape type

I need to get my Stellavox SP7 setup for one kind of tape (fixed resistors) – ATR or RMG 911. I am concerned about reliability and ongoing availability. Thoughts? Thanks.

Barry, Ray, Russ might have some helpful info…

Thanks Mick. Will be wonderful if they chip in……

I’ve emailed them all with a link to this Forum page

Thanks for your Analogue Support Vibe Mick

I’m sorry I don’t know this. Barry and Ray might, but also too will Crispin if he’s online?

Hi Gareth,

We use an RMG half inch for tape bouncing, which was OK. Although, who knows how long either company will continue to manufacture.

I would check with your tech guys to see whether they can put in a switched network of resistors, that way you have options.

Hope your well