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news category created 2 January 2017 written by Dan Cox

Trying To Find North East Producer

Hello everyone,

I hope it’s ok posting here as I really didn’t know how else to do this:

I’m trying to find a producer who was based in the North East of England in the mid to late noughties:

I recorded a live album with him and a band I was in and although had an Mp3 mix of the album, I lost contact with him – I’m now thinking of releasing my back catalogue and it would really valuable to me to find him.

The details, if anyone can help, are:

Name of producer: Dave Wilkinson
Venue: The Penny Black, Hartburn 28th June 2007.
The name of Band: JDMR
His location, I believe was in Norton (near Hartburn & Stockton).

If anyone can help I’d be really grateful,

My email is



Hi Dan – Dave Wilkinson is not a name that I recognise, but I’ll put the word about….

Hi Mick,

Thank you, I appreciate that.

I’ve tried Linked In but no joy.

My old band mate told me the Surname and I’m wondering if he was mistaken.

I remember he lived in Norton opposite a graveyard on a small row of houses.

Not a lot to go on really.

Thanks Mick,