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news category created 20 March 2014 written by Mick Glossop

The MPG initiative for ISRC codes in WAV files

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This Major Announcement from the Music Producers Guild affects you!

For the first time, as a result of an MPG initiative lead by Barry Grint of Alchemy Mastering and in partnership with the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), a standard now exists to enable the embedding of International Standard Recording Codes (ISRC) within WAV files.

This will facilitate:

  • The creation of a worldwide database containing credits information
  • Automated reporting of broadcast usage
  • The automation of royalty payments
  • The ability to carry through ISRCs during digital aggregation
  • The certainty of the correct song versions being used at mastering

ISRC is set to become the cornerstone of every aspect of digital asset management,
tracking, reporting, royalty reporting and song identification.

The Music Producers Guild encourages every industry group, record company, broadcaster, manager, producer and artist to ensure international support for this exciting development, and to attend the Official MPG Launch Presentation, to be announced shortly.