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news category created 5 April 2014 written by Dan Cox

PONO – new chance or superfluous?

While Neil Young promotes his new PONO-thing for the audience, there seem to be some debate whether PONO is a new chance for hi res audio or a superfluous new toy. Discussing PONO with other engineers and producers, half of the people say it’s nonsense; “hi res audio is nonsense anyway. The consumer is not interested in quality and it’s all about the song”. The others (me included) enjoy hi res audio and believe that an good part of the consumers will notice an improvement of sound. ( I listen to albums again as hi res is less tiring for my ears than cd or mp3)

Last few years I asked every client of me whether he or she would be interested to record hi res. None of them was interested, not from a musical and technical nor a commercial point of view. However, I decided to record every future project in hi res. For my own sake ?

What are your experiences? Thoughts?

It does seem to be hard to get some people engaged with the issue, unless they are already committed, but I’ve adopted it as a personal/professional crusade, and insist wherever possible that my projects are recorded at 96k.