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news category created 23 May 2008 written by Mick Glossop

Music Tank – Meet The Millennials Report

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“Discovery of new music in the digital economy will be synonymous with consumption”

Meet The Millennials: Fans, Brands and Cultural Communities 
This second MusicTank Report was recently launched at the MusicTank Terry McBride keynote address,  Great Escape, Brighton, May ‘08.

“…makes essential reading as it explores the ’Millennials’…” – PAUL WILLIAMS, EDITOR – MUSIC WEEK,  17.05.08
“…a fast-paced, incredibly enthusiastic, positive report…it makes for a refreshing change to hear an industry veteran tell it exactly how it is…it really ought to be bedtime reading for anyone who is attempting to generate success in this disparate, complicated industry.” – RECORD OF THE DAY, recommended Top 5 must-read articles of the week, 15.05.08

“…an upbeat vision of the future that eulogises free music, mash-ups and corporate sponsorship. It’s just not a vision of the future everyone is going to welcome…” – ANDREW ORLOWSKI, THE REGISTER, 16.05.08

Written by Nettwerk founder Terry McBride (whose achievements include last year’s biggest selling download – Avril Lavigne’s ‘Girlfriend’) and industry cohort Brent Muhle, it provides an authoritative account of the first digital generation’s relationship with music. With a series of thought exercises, case studies and checklists included, the report also functions as an indispensable roadmap to success in the digital marketplace.

The executive summary is FREE.