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news category created 5 April 2014 written by Dan Cox

ISRC codes in WAV files

For the first time, as a result of an MPG initiative, in partnership with the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), a standard now exists to enable the embedding of International Standard Recording Codes (ISRC) within WAV files.

This will facilitate:

• The creation of a worldwide database containing credits information
• Automated reporting of broadcast usage
• The automation of royalty payments
• The ability to carry through ISRCs during digital aggregation
• The certainty of the correct song versions being used at mastering

ISRC is set to become the cornerstone of every aspect of digital asset management, tracking, reporting, royalty reporting and song identification.

The Music Producers Guild encourages every industry group, record company, broadcaster, manager, producer and artist to ensure international support for this exciting development, and to attend the Official MPG Launch Presentation (details here).

…more information on this campaign:

I am trying to maintain an up to date list of software that includes ISRC in BWF, which I hope to make available to view on this website. If anyone knows of software could you please let me know. Thank you. Barry

Known software: Magix /Sequoia, Merging – Pyramix, Prism – Sadie, Sonic Studio – Sound Blade, Steinberg – Wavelab.

I am a new member in the MPG. I am glad to find you all.
As a mix and mastering engineer I use the Presonus Studio One Pro. The great thing about this great piece of software is that it has an embedded mastering page inside the program so you can go back to the mix and change things and update the mastering file.

Also has all the necessary fields to populate such as ISRC and is 100% compatible with EBU rules

You can check the free version from


I use the HOFA CD burn and DDP software. Very efficient and affordable.
And with a little more I got the DDP maker to deliver the final production CD via internet for replication or to allow my client to burn a CD

We use iZotope RX advanced v1.3 for the occasional task. Not the most up to date version but it retains and carries through ISRCs already embedded in BWFs unlike some other software ‘for example’ r8brain Pro.

If I import a WAV with an ISRC embedded it’ll still be in the BWAV metadata if processed in RX and saved as an entirely new file.

I can’t clarify if a more updated version will allow you enter or edit an ISRC string.