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news category created 11 August 2014 written by Dan Cox

How do graduates with a degree get started in the music industry

Having a degree in music/music technology/music production does not guarantee a job in the music industry. People want to hear about what experience you have and what your music/mixing/mastering sounds like. The second one is easy, put a portfolio together, the first one is near impossible.

Where do graduates go to gain experience? Where do you go to network with people? A quick internet search gives the impression there are no jobs in the music industry unless you are looking for a senior position within another company.

I have been lucky to work a couple of years Philips Classics’ Polyhymnia studios after graduation. But that was some while ago.

As a freelance producer/engineer I am not able to hire an assistant often. However, just found a talented guy who I sent a friend’s studio in the USA for couple of months. He will return soon and I am sure he has grown as a person and as an engineer. Looking forward to do projects with him again. I think it will bring in a better position at the end. A good team is worth a lot.