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news category created 14 July 2015 written by Dan Cox

Getting started…

This is a topic that I can’t seem to answer and hopefully someone can help with this!

For me, getting started in regards to a work around studio production has been almost impossible to get a look in after applying. I feel I’ve got a good understanding of the whole production process and I don’t know what to do to get my foot in the door.

I decided upon the birth of my daughter that I didn’t want to carry on with the work I was doing, sales and recruitment is shocking, and the constant unhappiness of feeling unforfilled led me to university where I’m just about to start my final year as a music tech specialist.
I wanted to use this summer to gain valuable experience that would help me in the future, all I have found is unanswered emails, non acknowledged CV applications or emails explaining that I’m not going to be considered for a position.
Is there any advise that anyone can give me towards that can help with this?
I pride myself on telling the truth but should I be chatting shit in my CV?

What gets me is that if I had my own studio I could attract people to record but to do that I need money, and to get that I need work but to get work it seems I need I need work experience, seems like a bit of a catch.

If there is anyone out there that might know of a London based production team looking for someone please hook me up, I’ve got crazy amount of shit going on and I’m tired of working for someone elses dreams!

Here’s a cover track I recorded for a uni project, we had 24hours to record it so it is unfinished but hopefully highlights that I can work