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news category created 4 April 2018 written by Mick Glossop

The MPG Full Members’ Forum

We’ve noticed that in recent months, the MPG forums which are dedicated to the use of Pro Tools and Logic Pro have been becoming more popular with members. They provide the opportunity to discuss issues which members experience using these DAW platforms, and are a great source of help in solving the sort of problems which we encounter on a daily basis.

This has given us the idea that a more general forum would be of interest to Full Members, and provide us with the opportunity to raise topics for discussion, e.g. to solve problems related to career management, discuss how the MPG might better campaign on behalf of its members, seek advice from members more experienced in certain areas of music production, etc.

We’ve set this up using Basecamp, an on-line project management system which we’ve been using successfully for several years to handle all aspects of MPG administration. It’s secure and efficient, and uses an email notification system which alerts all those who subscribe whenever a new topic or comment is published.

It’s easy to subscribe – simply email us to let us know that you’d like to be included in the forum, After that, you’ll receive a message telling you how to set up your own simple registration at Basecamp, providing you with a link to view current discussions on the Full Members’ Forum.

And…it’s free, and accessible only by MPG Full Members, so you won’t have to wade through inane comments or queries from wannabe’s. All messages are posted by working professionals, like yourself.

Why not get on-board? Take advantage of your MPG Full Membership and the community support which it provides!

MPG Admin