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news category created 12 July 2014 written by Dan Cox

Free studio time = licensing %?

I have just recorded vocals onto a backing track and have not charged. This is going to a couple of different labels worldwide and am wondering how to deal with it from here.
There are 2 things I can do:
1/ get the money and run
2/ own the vocals masters and negotiate splits – though what splits and where from?

Are there other areas as I have mixed the vocals and tuned them up for the track, so they have a stereo stem.

Any ideas on this would be most appreciated asap as I guess I should at least let them know..
Are there also contracts for these scenarios anywhere?

Many thanks ?


Forgot to also mention that this client first approached an artist I produced/co-wrote with a couple of years ago. She has only ever recorded with me and her name is “Imogen Tonder”. There is no production deal between us and now am thinking that perhaps I should protect myself with this scenario, as the production sold her vibe.. Btw, the studio 2 years ago had been paid, however the producer not.

What is the best method to approach this which is fair to all? She would be happy to sign anything that is a standard practise in this area.

Many thanks again

Hi Joules – you would benefit from the advice of a good music industry lawyer, e.g. Penny Ganz of Ganz Legal (MPG’s lawyer).
01795 830009

As you’re a Full Member of the MPG, you’re entitled to a free 45 minute consultation with Penny, so I would get in touch and discuss your situation.

Hey Mick,

Thanks for that.

Am just wondering how everyone else would take this on from their personal experience?
Studio Payment vs Licensing ?

Is there perhaps a standard agreement somewhere for this that anyone can recommend? and yes, I am trying to cut costs going through a lawyer at this point as I need to know what I need etc.