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news category created 23 April 2014 written by Dan Cox

Entering The Music Industry

I’m a 16 year old student. I am interested in being part of the music industry. As soon as I finish the 6th form, I want to either study or be an apprentice in the music technology/recording field. I am unsure about which is the better option for me, university or an apprenticeship, as I have no experience other than I am studying Maths, Physics, Chemistry and various things such as electronics, computer programming amongst other things in Technology. There aren’t any opportunities to do anything to do with the music industry where I live. Has anyone got any advice?

Dear Megan

There are many colleges that offer Music Technology courses from Diploma level up to Degree level and it is advised that you look at one of these. It gives you the chance to get to know the theory and the practice until you decide which direction to go in.

Richard Lightman MPG CEO