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news category created 13 May 2016 written by Dan Cox

Engineer Eligibility For Gold/Platinum Recognition

Hi all

I wondered if anyone could advise on this.

I recorded vocals on two tracks for an album that went platinum in Australia (ARIA).
I have been struggling for a while to get my credit on the record.
I was ensured it would be added to the credits, but it failed to make it.

I later learnt the record went Platinum, as well as one of the singles going Platinum too.

What is the procedure with Platinum/Gold Discs? Are you automatically eligible as an engineer if you have a credit?
What would happen now, now that the process of applying and receiving certification has already been done it seems?

Thoughts and advise very welcomed.


Hi Danny,

Congratulations on your success!

Firstly, regarding credits – it’s a shame that the record company, who are responsible for providing information, are not more sympathetic. This is unreasonable and unprofessional. As the engineer on the project, you would be unlikely to have a contract and so there’s not much you can do, other than complain.

Regarding gold and platinum discs – in the UK it’s common that these are awarded to recording engineers, but you have to ask! They are normally paid for by the artist, and some artists object (really…they’re not expensive – only about £100). If the artist won’t pay, you can always offer to pay for them yourself. There shouldn’t be any objection from the record company. However, I can’t speak for Australia, although I would imagine that the system is similar.

By the way, are you aware that, as a Full Member of the MPG, you’re entitled to 45 minutes free consultation with our lawyer, Penny Ganz of Ganz Legal?


Mick Glossop (MPG Executive Director)

Hi Mick.

Thanks a lot for you reply and the info. Really useful.

My quest continues. Currently chasing the artist’s manager, who has said she is ‘working’ on it.

At what point do I chase the label or artist (who’s email I have) ?

Yes I did see that the MPG offers legal advice. I’m waiting for something maybe a bit more crucial such as a contract to come up before using it.

Thank you.