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news category created 18 March 2014 written by Dan Cox

Award winners in 2014

I think most people will appreciate the value of the MPG Awards event, but does anyone agree with Flood’s comments about recent award winners:

When PSNEurope suggested to Flood that it was “about time he won the award”, he was quick to refute the idea.

“No. No. It’s not about time we won it, it’s about time more people were recognised for the work that they do. There’s not a single black or R’n’B producer here, and I find that very difficult.

“This man [Alan Moulder] is my best friend, and I’ve worked with him for 30-odd years, and we sit there every day, and do our job, and are totally passionate about it. But there are so many people, in the same position, that don’t get recognised at these awards. I think more people should be.”