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on: 28 February, 2013, 10:48
Read Helienne Lindvall’s well written article about the lack of credits:

Breaking News!
on: 24 September, 2012, 10:45
This message just in from Maureen Droney, Sr. Executive Director of the Producers & Engineers Wing of the USA Recording Academy:

Dear MPG members,

The Recording Academy Producers & Engineers Wing is pleased to join forces with our colleagues at the MPG to gain attention and look for solutions to the growing problem of lack of crediting for recording professionals. The MPG of course, has its ongoing Credit Where Credit Is Due initiative. Meanwhile, the P&E Wing has been working for several years on technical solutions to standardize recording metadata in an effort to improve the flow of crediting information. Now, The Recording Academy overall has launched Give Fans the Credit, a campaign to raise public awareness of the problem with the goal of ensuring that all music creators receive proper credit for their work. Please read down below my signature for the press release announcing this campaign.

Our goal now is for the P&E Wing and the MPG to work together to move this initiative forward. First steps include an announcement of our partnership at the 133rd Audio Engineering Society convention in San Francisco at the end of October.
Also we ask that all MPG members sign, and encourage other people, fans and professionals alike, to sign, the Give Fans The Credit petition at

Going forward we intend to keep our organizations in closer touch on this issue as we enlist artists, other music professionals and the overall public to help with this initiative, and the P&E Wing is stepping up its discussions with digital music delivery services regarding technical solutions to this problem.

Please accept our sincere appreciation for your assistance and partnership on this important issue.



Maureen Droney
Sr. Executive Director/Producers & Engineers Wing

The Recording Academy
3030 Olympic Blvd.
Santa Monica, CA 90404

Behind the scenes
on: 4 November, 2011, 13:59
It’s important to to be able to discover for new generations that the song is perhaps a re-run of an old original (that might be a better version as well) and also if a performer/artist is a front for a hidden genius producer/writer.

Right name, wrong person
on: 20 April, 2011, 09:59
Hi All,

I’ve recently noticed that a credit I gained for engineering work on an Album released in 2004 is linked to a different Adam Williams via this website:

Although I have my name credited in print on the official release, I’m concerned that this mistaken identity could have impacts on my future work and financial gains/money that’s owed.

I’ve contacted the administrator of the above mentioned website, but could anyone else recommend any other procedures I could follow to rectify this?

Thanks, Adam

Credits and more
on: 15 March, 2011, 16:38
I was discussing this only the other day. It’s a loss to artists but a greater loss to record buyers.

The wonder of where it was recorded, who engineered, who played lead, who did the BV’s? It was a massive part of what it was (is) all about and it’s a great shame that today’s record buyers don’t have this info and yet, with BlueRay, they could have tons more!

With BlueRay, we could go back to proper albums again, maybe full size covers too! The data available is immense and fast. There could be pics of the studios, musicians, engineers, writers, producers. Biog’s of all involved.

How about videos of the sessions? Everyone is taking videos these days. On phones, cameras, etc. There could be videos of rehearsals, out takes, etc, etc. In my teenage days, I would have given my eye teeth to have been able to see some video (however home-made and amateur) of Marc Bolan working out a guitar part or David Bowie playing with vocal phrasing and I have no doubt today’s fans would love to do same.

The industry has the ability, nowadays, to give us so much more but it gives us less than it did 40 years ago. It’s pathetic. The record companies could use so many ideas but all they seem to do is moan that they’re not as fat as they used to be.

Garry Robson

Don Was article
on: 16 January, 2011, 23:33
An interesting and impassioned article in Metro Times which Don Was laments the lack of proper credits: