24 January 2024

Orb Studios

Hello, I’m Alex Locke, a seasoned music producer and audio engineer with a deep-rooted commitment to quality and excellence.

At Orb Studios, I navigate the intricate art of music production using cutting-edge tools, starting with the industry-standard Logic Pro X as our digital audio workstation.

In our musical haven, we amplify creativity using top-tier equipment such as Neve and SSL Fusion, ensuring unparalleled audio quality. Every project benefits from the meticulous application of a vast array of plugins, meticulously chosen to enhance and elevate the unique character of each composition.

At Orb Studios, it’s more than just technology. We have a live room to accommodate any band along with a lounge area that has a sofa, TV and even an X-Box for any gamers who just want to relax. it’s a harmonious blend of artistry and precision. The combination of world-class gear and a commitment to craft results in a sonic experience that transcends expectations. Join me on a journey where music is not just heard; it’s felt, experienced, and meticulously crafted to perfection.”

To become an MPG Studio Member contact: studios@mpg.org.uk

To become an MPG Studio Member contact: studios@mpg.org.uk