26 August 2020

Metropolis Studios London

The Power House

From the moment it opened, Metropolis has always been a unique studio.

In 1985 the Metropolis team had the good fortune to encounter the Chiswick Power House, a massive and beautiful building commissioned in 1900 to house the London Tram System. At the time of its design, the Power House was a showplace of engineering technology and its designer strove to create a building of great majesty and beauty, a building that despite being neglected and unused for many years lost none of its ability to impress those lucky enough to see its massive empty hallways.

Today we cannot help feeling that it was fate that chose us to restore this showpiece of design and engineering nearly 100 years after its original construction. It has always been our philosophy to strive to create a unique environment for others who share our love of music. Between the many professionals who work together at today’s complex we have enormous experience of working in the greatest recording environments in the world, and we know that technology has become so sophisticated in our industry that it needs to be balanced by the human touch. There is a vital need in recording, mixing and mastering great music to balance the demands of technology with a warm and supportive atmosphere and an environment that encourages people to relax, to connect with other artists and to be creative amongst others dedicated to our profession.

We believe that we have managed to create a complex that is highly atmospheric and combines a profusion of natural daylight from the vast Power House windows, with a warmth of natural materials and the unique and brilliant designs of our architect Julian Powell-Tuck. Nothing in Metropolis has been taken for granted and we have spent many years reviewing every aspect of the way a top international studio works to design a unique complex that has no comparison anywhere in the world.

Our complex of recording, mixing and mastering suites is designed around a massive and airy 20 metre high atrium filled with platforms and walkways. This gives the producers, engineers and artists a new freedom to avoid the claustrophobic atmosphere of conventional studio life. In addition, the Power House contains a 50 space security car park and 19 residential apartments. The ability to park within the building together with the outstanding quality of the Metropolis bar put the complex into a different league to any other studio in London in terms of quality of service.

The real measure of a great studio complex, however, is not just in the quality of the building and its equipment but in the expertise of its staff. The Metropolis management spent years recruiting the best professionals from the UK recording industry, all of whom were drawn to the commitment to uncompromising quality.

To become an MPG Studio Member contact: studios@mpg.org.uk

To become an MPG Studio Member contact: studios@mpg.org.uk