• Sound Credit

    Collect credits as you work and publish them to the world, using the new standard for music credits.
    MPG Full Members receive a 100% discount on their subscription to the platform.

  • Synchro Arts

    Synchro Arts develop software for making audio production easier. Their legendary VocALign and Revoice Pro software have been used to align and tune audio on countless hits. MPG Full Members receive 30% off all products.

    This discount cannot be combined with any other discount.

  • Acustica Audio

    Acustica Audio creates plug-in emulations of modern and vintage hardware and new hybrids impossible in the analogue domain. Acustica’s development approach is based on dynamic sampling and a proprietary non-linear Vectorial Volterra Kernels convolution tech. Acustica are happy to provide MPG Full Members with 30% discount and MPG Associate Members with 10% discount for their plug-in products.

  • Sonarworks

    Sonarworks is the sound calibration standard for music producers, studio engineers and sound designers. Our digital tools give studio pros and their collaborators precise reference sound. Wherever they are. MPG Full Members receive 15% off Sonarworks software (including bundles with mics).

  • e-instruments

    e-instruments creates innovative, easy-to-use virtual instruments so you can focus on what’s important—the music. We produce authentic, highly detailed instruments to maximize your creative potential. MPG Full Members receive 25% discount on all SESSION KEYS products.

  • zplane

    ​​zplane combine their backgrounds in sound engineering, classical musical education, making rock’n’roll with scientific approaches to open up new ways of producing and processing music on computers.

    MPG Full Members can obtain a 20% discount on these plug-ins:

    Elastique Pitch V2, élastiqueAAX
    ppmBatch, PPMulatorXL
    reTune, vielklang2

  • AIR Music Tech

    MPG Full Members may obtain a 50% discount on AIR’s premier seven instrument ‘Air Instrument Expansion Pack‘, 60% discount on the Creative FX Collection Plus, 50% discount on the ‘Xpand2!’ plugin and $30 off ‘The Riser’, ‘DB-33’ and ‘Mini Grand’ plugins.

  • Sound Radix plug-ins

    Sound Radix develop innovative software tools to help you achieve the best sound possible, and get the job done fast! MPG Full Members receive 30% off the entire product line.

  • Spitfire Audio

    ‘Purveyors of the finest virtual instruments sounds and samples in the world’ are proud to offer a 20% discount program to all MPG Full Members.

  • Sonivox software

    MPG Full Members get 50% off Sonivox’s flagship package for Film and Game Production “Film Score Companion” (taking the price down to $149.99). Full Members are also eligible to receive two Sonivox Singles instruments for free, as well as saving 20% on any other Sonivox Title.

  • Sonoris

    Sonoris develops high-end audio software for the serious recording and mastering professional. Sonoris offer 25% discount to all MPG Full Members.

  • Exponential Audio

    Exponential Audio makes world-class plug-ins for demanding audio professionals.

    MPG Full Members receive 20% discount on Exponential Audio Plug-ins.

  • FXpansion

    FXpansion offer 30% discount on all main FXpansion products (excluding expansion packs) for MPG Full Members.

    FXpansion is a London-based developer of innovative software plug-in instruments and effects including BFD2, DCAM Synth Squad, Tremor, Geist and Bloom.

  • Rattly and Raw

    Full and Associate Members of the MPG can now receive a fantastic discount on Rattly and Raw sample instruments. Over 60 Uniquely crusty, rare, rattly and raw Kontakt 4 & 5 Instruments for the discounted price of £25! Dirty, cheap, cranky, crusty little gems to fill those cracks in your productions.

  • Source Distribution

    Source Distribution is now offering an exclusive personal demo and loan service for any MPG Full Member from thier killer portfolio, which includes API, Genelec, Lynx, Eventide, Rode, Arturia, Moog and PreSonus.

  • Sonnox

    Sonnox is dedicated to designing high quality audio processing plug-ins, which are used by professionals all over the world for a wide range of audio applications, from music to broadcast and post production.

    In association with the MPGSonnox is pleased to offer Full Members a 30% discount off Oxford plug-ins or bundles.

  • Professional Sound Projects

    PSP – Professional Sound Projects, develops high quality audio effect and processor plug-ins.

    The MPG have linked up with PSP and procured a 20% discount off all PSP plug-ins for Full Members.

  • McDSP

    McDSP offers MPG Full Members 30% off all McDSP bundles (electronic delivery via only).


  • LoopMasters

    Loopmasters – The Sample Boutique. MPG Full Members get a 15% discount.


  • Mathew Lane

    Mathew Lane is pleased to make the generous offer of 50% discount to MPG Full & Associate Members purchasing his DrMS Spatial Processor plugin.

  • IK Multimedia

    IK Multimedia is a developer of audio software products. They are pleased to offer MPG Full Members 30% discount off their range of software products, via the online webstore. Special MPG Full Member deals are also available for their hardware products (StompIO, Total Workstation Muse Rack system,  Stealthplug, ARC Room Correction System).

  • Dance Midi Samples

    DMS – Pro MIDI & WAV Samples, Synth Patches, Reason Refills : for all dance genres including House, Electro, Techno, Trance,
    Hardstyle & Hardcore. Free downloads for members.

    DMS offer MPG Full Members 10% discount on all their products.