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The Music Producers Guild is pleased to offer to Pro users of Music Gateway a 20% discount on the first year of their MPG membership. Business users will receive the 20% on the first 2 years of MPG membership.

This offer applies both to Full Membership and to Associate Membership. Click here to read comparisons between these two levels of MPG membership.

Full Membership – 1 year @ £96 (normally £120)

Associate Membership – 1 year @ £44 (normally £55)

Once you’ve decided on the level of MPG membership you need, please email our membership secretary, Vicky Cuff, who will set it up..You must include the following details:

• your full name
• your choice of MPG membership (Full or Associate)
• your membership of Music Gateway (Pro or Business)
• your Music Gateway membership number

Please note that Full Membership of the MPG is subject to eligibility conditions which are listed below.

MPG membership is renewed automatically every 12 months. Members are informed at 4 weeks and 2 weeks prior to impending renewal. If you encounter any problems during the registration of your new MPG membership, Please email us here.

Further information about the Music Producers Guild:

The MPG website The MPG Awards Members Benefits Featured Recording Studios



Eligibility conditions for Full Membership of the MPG:

To qualify for Full Member status, you must have a credit for production, engineering, mixing, re-mixing or mastering on 6 commercially released tracks. This can either be 6 single tracks, 6 tracks on one album or EP, or 6 tracks across multiple albums or EPs. All recognized formats are acceptable, CD, vinyl, digital download, DVD and even cassette! These tracks must have been commercially available via traditional outlets, i.e. digital download from recognized online music retail sites, record shops, mail order. (Please note – non-recognized commercial sales directly by the artist at live venues do not qualify, similarly neither do downloads from personal sites such as Soundcloud and MySpace).

Alternatively, if you work in film or television and have six credits for production, engineering, or mixing music which has been commercially released in film, or broadcast on television, you’re also eligible for Full Membership.

You’ll need to validate your credits, and you can do this by supplying links to any of these websites:

Supplying an ISRC or additional links to the commercial availability of the tracks is much appreciated.

Alternatively you may send scans of bar-coded album artwork displaying your credits, or signed agreements.

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